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Dedicated to the Security Industry

Our Industry responsibilities

Our global ambition comes with local presence

Well-established commercial activity across five distinct and clearly managed areas. Each zone is under the responsibility of a dedicated Area Manager, who coordinates all operational and business activities (including site management, factories, human resources…)

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The strength to develop synergy between our companies, product brands, production sites and European teams: with a goal to provide the best quality products and services to our customers, and career opportunities to our talents.

A belief in proximity, as we choose to keep our units of production and services close to each other and to our customers, in order to maximise quality in all our processes.

We are a member of Sfpi Group

DOM Security is part of the Sfpi Group. Sfpi Group (Safety for People and Industry) was created in France in 1985. Today, it constitutes a group of companies specialised in the safety industry for people, goods and the environment. They’re united within 4 autonomous, innovative and digitalised operating divisions: DOM Security, MAC, MMD, NEU-JKF.

 In 2021, Sfpi Group generated a turnover of more than 571 million euros, employed more than 3800 collaborators and delivered solutions such as buildings security and convenience, air-treatment and energy saving, both for industrial and private markets. Industrial, responsible and European with global ambitions, Sfpi Group is pursuing its international expansion.

We have a strong management team

…as should every strong company. To provide the best possible solutions to our clients, stakeholders and employees, DOM Security Group is managed by experienced key members of the company, who are committed to the success of the group.

Led by a Deputy Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Management of DOM Security consists of five Area Managers (Northern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, and Export), Business Unit Directors for Trade, Industry, and Projects, Chief Information Officer, Director of R&D, Chief of Finance, and Chief of CSR.

Meet our governance team

Our strategy: taking security to the next level by…

  • Consolidating our leading position in mechanical security solutions.
  • Accelerating innovation regarding smart security systems.
  • Relying on our financial solidity and organic growth.
  • Acquiring new societies with a strategic rather than cumulative logic.

Read more about our strategy

We are guided by industrial responsibility

Since 2017, Sfpi Group, to which DOM Security belongs, has coordinated relations with its stakeholders according to the principles of industrial responsibility, which is broken down into four components: commercial, managerial, environmental and financial responsibility.

  • Commercial responsibility: providing products and services matching our clients’ highest standards.
  • Managerial responsibility: giving entrepreneurial autonomy to our managers, developing skills and improving working environments.
  • Environmental responsibility: providing and delivering services, being increasingly mindful of energy consumption and environmental footprint.
  • Financial responsibility: rigorously controlling all of our activities and investing in sustainable growth.

In respect of this engagement, and thanks to our expertise, DOM Security actively leads the change towards industrial responsibility within the perimeter of security.


We are committed to a safer world

To ensure people feel safe, we need security norms to be clearly defined and shared: this is why DOM Security believes in regulation.

  • Not only do we provide guarantees to our markets: our member companies have always distinguished themselves by offering innovative and high-security products, certified according to their national guidances (A2P in France, VdS in Germany, SKG in Holland, BSI in the United Kingdom…)
  • We also actively advocate and master in the elaboration of safety standards: through associative and federative work, both nationally and at a European level.

We are dedicated to European industry

DOM Security's heritage began in Europe and we have fervently promoted the industry of the territory ever since. Our safety solutions are entirely conceived and produced on the continent.

We are always, especially now in a post-pandemic and geopolitically unstable context, very careful regarding the sourcing of our materials. We have a secure supply chain: in 2021, we have been able to adapt and modify our electronic products to use available components and prevent shortages.

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