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The security of people, goods, and the environment is at the heart of our commitment to industrial responsibility.

Driven by evolving environmental conditions, stricter eco-friendly, health, and commercial standards, as well as our customers' rising expectations for the safety of our products and services, DOM Security and our parent company, Sfpi, are dedicated to being leading advocates for industrial responsibility.

Since 2017, this commitment has been at the core of all our stakeholder relationships. In 2020, Sfpi Group's top executives convened in Davos to reaffirm this commitment and accelerate our progress toward responsibility. Sfpi Group's dedication to industrial responsibility is anchored by four key pillars: commercial, governance, environmental, and financial.

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We are dedicated to enabling company performance and ensuring safety for people, goods, and the environment

Commercial responsibility: towards a customer-centric group


Our ambition is to increase knowledge of our customers, to spread customer focused culture at all levels and to improve customer satisfaction

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Environmental responsibility: to engage everyone in a sustainable transition


Our ambition is to become a more efficient group from an environmental perspective

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Financial responsibility as a performance enhancer


Our ambition is to build common standards, tools and frames of references

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Managerial responsibility: towards a group vision of employee development


Our ambition is to reinforce the manager role to improve talent retention and anticipate employee turnover

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