Industrial responsibility: it’s time to go forward!

Discover how DOM Security acts for the future.


Since 2017, Sfpi Group, to which DOM Security belongs, has coordinated relations with its stakeholders in accordance with the principle of industrial responsibility.

Industrial responsibility

is the behavior allowing a company and its employees to perform and to guarantee the safety for people, goods and the environment.

Our ambition to become a leading advocate of industrial responsibility, an ambition fully espoused by the Group’s founders and senior executives, is underpinned by the growing pace of global environmental transition, tightening environmental, health and commercial standards and increased demand for safety in goods and services among business and retail customers alike.

In 2020, this commitment was reflected at the meeting of the Group's most senior executives for a seminar in Davos. The purpose of the meeting was to accelerate the Group and its affiliates on their path towards responsibility.

4 dimensions contribute to industrial responsibility: commercial responsibility, managerial responsibility, environmental responsibility and financial responsibility.

Commercial responsibility: towards a customer-centric group

Our ambition is to increase knowledge of our customers, to spread customer focused culture at all levels and to improve customer satisfaction by:

Having a customer survey and increasing our customer satisfaction rate each year.

Defining and monitoring customer service rate (reliability of quality and delivery time) and reaching a minimum average service rate of 90%.

Making sure that all employees are informed about customer satisfaction and business goals at least once a year .

"Bearing in mind customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the development of our business, we had to develop a culture that is attentive to this satisfaction through listening, better understanding the needs, and facilitate customer journeys, as well as becoming always more reliable about the products and services delivered."


General Manager

Managerial responsibility: towards a group vision of employee development

Our ambition is to reinforce the manager role to improve talent retention and anticipate employee turnover by:

Giving 100% of our managers access to specific support for the “5 fundamentals” of management, through training courses.

Providing greater access to open positions within the Group to our employees.

Making sure at least 90% of our employees feel “committed” (considered & satisfied) within their company.

"As managers of DOM Security, we share a set of common aspirations for our employees: to better understand their expectations, to fully engage them in our business projects, and to offer them challenging and meaningful career development opportunities. Our method is based on collective intelligence: knowing and understanding each other better, working together to encourage creation, innovation and a sense of belonging. Adaptability and agility are components of our DNA that we wish to spread more widely within the Group."


Financial & HR Manager 

Environmental responsibility: to engage everyone in a sustainable transition

Our ambition is to become a more efficient group from an environmental perspective, by:

Taking one step forward to becoming carbon neutral.

Reducing energy consumption by 15%.

10% reduction of waste in five areas: paper, cardboard, steel, plastic, wood.

"There is no longer any reason to oppose industrial production and environmental protection… Quite the opposite, contributing, through our products or the transformation of our production methods to the global movement for environmental protection is a powerful source of pride for the Group’s teams. To us, commitment to environmental responsibility means, first and foremost, implementing quick-impact actions to reduce our energy consumption and waste production everywhere."


Quality & Services 
Sales Operations

Financial responsibility as a performance enhancer 

Our ambition is to build common standards, tools and frames of references by:

Having at least 80% of invoices and order documents “digitized” in all companies which have an accountant.

Getting a common updated, used and shared box of tools, containing rules and data in both English and French language.

Each company using the same accounting system.

"Maintaining and developing a high level of requirements in terms of financial performance management is one of the key challenges of the Group’s strategy. Beyond a simple issue of financial management, committing to this approach is also a source of performance for the Group’s entities, a source of confidence for our external partners, and a means of optimizing the productivity and working conditions of our teams."

Lyn Dyson

Operations Director

A transformation plan carried out by colleagues

Beyond the implementation of a more responsible industry, this plan is an opportunity for our employees to: 

  • Express themselves, Sfpi Group's transformation plan, relayed by DOM Security among the other member companies, has been co-constructed and led by employees.
  • Get involved, by working on innovative subjects.
  • Circulate within the group, thanks to cross-functional working groups, interacting with the various DOM Security companies.