DOM and OSS Association Collaborate for Enhanced Access Control Solutions

5 April 2024

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Group News

DOM Security has joined forces with the Open Security Standards Association (OSS Association) to revolutionize the access control industry. This partnership aims to drive innovation, promote open standards, and deliver enhanced solutions to users worldwide.

What this partnership means for us

Greater Compatibility: DOM Security's ENiQ mechatronic locking devices seamlessly integrate with various access control software platforms, ensuring smoother operations and simplified system management through OSS standards like OSS-SO.

No More Proprietary Lock-in: Customers benefit from the elimination of proprietary lock-in, allowing them to switch between suppliers without compatibility concerns, empowering users to have more control over their access control systems.

Affordable Solutions: OSS-based systems like ADoC offer simpler and more cost-effective access control options, particularly in Europe, enhancing affordability for users.

Robust Security: Upcoming OSS standards like OSS-MA for mobile access authorizations and OSS-SID to strengthen ID card security prioritize security within the access control ecosystem, ensuring robust protection.

Gunnar Hoff, Group R&D Director at DOM Security and OSS board member, expressed excitement about the partnership's potential to transform the access control market, emphasizing the shared goal of simplifying solutions and reducing maintenance costs.

As DOM Security and OSS Association continue to collaborate, stakeholders can anticipate further advancements that will shape the future of access control technology.

Stay tuned for updates as this partnership evolves to drive innovation and excellence in the industry.