DOM eNET simplifies Customer Experience

20 February 2024

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Imagine ordering security hardware with the same swiftness and ease as booking tickets for a high-speed train. No more waiting in line at physical stores, no more tedious phone calls or lost faxes. DOM eNET, the innovative online platform for locksmiths, distributors and wholesalers, is revolutionising the way security professionals manage their supply chains across Europe, offering an experience as efficient as a night train from Brussels to Berlin (and hopefully, nearly as fast).

We’ve been very pleased with the success of DOM eNET. In 2023, the platform experienced an extraordinary surge in activity, with a fivefold increase in online orders reported by our company in France, DOM Metalux, in just four months. This popularity extends across Europe, with the service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, and Slovenia all echoing its success.

Orders placed through DOM eNET are automatically processed, resulting in shorter delivery times compared to manual orders. And customers have the added benefit of being able to track their orders for added peace of mind. Security professionals can use DOM eNET not only to order products, but also to access and download customer-specific documents and product-related software. They can view their order history for the last three months and easily contact their account manager or customer service team for any assistance they may require.

We invite you to join us on the DOM eNET platform to experience the security revolution at cyber speed. Our dedicated teams are committed to make your journey as swift and user-friendly as possible.

To learn more about DOM eNET and sign up for a free account, please visit the website :