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Keyless locking solutions

The security world is changing. Be part of the evolution.

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Our keyless locking solutions offer all the security of a mechanical system but with more flexibility. Installations have been streamlined ensuring our products can be retrofitted without needing to drill or replace the door. Gone are the days that a lock must be changed for a lost key, simply access the software via your smartphone or computer and simply disable the account. Fobs, cards and batteries are a must stock item, so you can support your customers on upgrading and maintaining the new locking system.

Made from the highest quality materials, they are built to last and are easily integrable into any new or existing solutions you already have. DOM Tapkey offers you the ability to lock / unlock, manage access rights and provide remote access to any door via your smartphone. DOM Easyflex is a one stop kit, providing everything you need to turn your mechanical solution into an electronic solution. DOM Easykey was designed and created for high traffic areas, providing quick access when you need it, and strong resistance when you don't.

DOM Tapkey

The DOM Tapkey family brings security into the 21st Century. Your smartphone is the key. Winner of the Plus X 2017 Award, the DOM Tapkey range was designed to make it as convenient as possible. The high quality packaging ensures everything fits into one box, providing you with everything you need. Installation is quick and simple, following the included instructions. It’s a cloud based system, which means programming can be done directly with the free DOM Tapkey mobile app, available in the Google PlayStore. Cards and fobs can be used to extend a system where smartphone use isn’t available.

- Phone, card and fob compatible
- Cloud based security
- Remote access
- IP65 rating makes it great for external doors
- Retrofit capabilities
- No computer or advanced software needed

Increased revenue with after sales:
- Card and fob replacement
- Training
- Maintenance including battery replacement

DOM Easyflex

Turn a mechanical system into a full electronic solution with a single box. The DOM Easyflex makes this possible. Included inside is the ENiQ Pro digital cylinder, all tools for installation and the Easyflex booklet. The booklet itself contains everything you need to program and activate the fobs. Systems can be extended by purchasing more booklets. It can also be integrated into existing mechanical systems with the use of the DOM ClipTag.

Card and fob compatible
- IP65 rating makes it great for external doors
- Retrofit capabilities
- No computer or advanced software needed

Increased revenue with after sales:
- Additional / replacement DOM Easyflex booklets
- Training
- Maintenance including battery replacement
- DOM ClipTag

Plug & Play Case

The ENiQ Plug and Play case is the ultimate in flexibility. Build your case to suit your market needs, choose the components to make your job easier. Set up a new digital system, on site without needing measurements or pre planning. You can measure, build, install directly from the case, even giving the customer the ability to choice the cap and knob colour. Once installed, there are two options for programming the digital cylinder. Firstly, if you are adding to an existing online system, the device can be easily added and maintained via the ENiQ software. If it is a new or standalone system, you can use the master card and fobs provided in the case.

What’s in the case? For example:
- 7 outside knob electronics with battery
- 7 outside knob sleeves
- 7 inside knobs
- 1 set of installation tools consisting of the TX6 and Knob tool
- 7 fixing brackets
- 5 standard tags
- 5 premium plus tags
- 1 master card
- 1 programming card
- 2 battery packs
16 body assemblies 333ENiQ: 3 x 30-30 mm, 3 x 30-35 mm, 2 x 35-30 mm, 3 x 35-35 mm, 3 x 40-40 mm, 2 x 45-45 mm
- 1 333ENiQ 30/30 mm
- 1 MS profile rod for installation

DOM Easykey

Access control system with Numeric & Braille keyboard that can be used without cards or keys.

Adaptable to almost any mortise lock on the market, Easykey provides security and control, being a simple and comfortable tool in restricted environments (e.g. offices, hospitals, private areas or public buildings).