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Bespoke Support for Resellers

Being part of a professional network is reassuring for you. You want to benefit from a solid structure with real know-how, a team of experts and a wide choice of products: (digital) locking systems, door accessories and access control. At DOM, everything is designed to guide you, advise you and guarantee a quality of service that matches your expectations.

Our team will help you develop your point of sale, providing you with bespoke support. Our DOM advisors can meet you in-store and give you tailor-made advice or give demonstrations and product training. For example how to install the DOM Tapkey system. We provide turnkey marketing tools (brochures, displays) to enliven your store and boost your sales. This way you're also creating the ultimate customer journey for your customers.

Looking for that little bit extra

If you are looking for that little bit of extra support to help you grow and expand, why not join our loyalty reward programme. With DOM Keystone the world is your oyster! And the rewards are endless - this programme has been designed for you, and we like to emphasise on the fact the better you do the better we do. 

Security professionals can really move to the next stage, using the 5 Keystones outlined by DOM to help improve your business. Including making improvements to your workspace, access to the latest products, design your showroom with exemplary products and visual displays, invest in self-development and training by learning new skills to enhance your service delivery and both online and offline promotions.

The perks of this programme are the more you invest in your business, the more rewards you gain. All of which can be easily monitored through the DOM Keystone Online Platform - Simply log in to take a look at what available, place your orders and watch your credits build.  Follow the link below to find out more.

Loyalty Reward Programme

Become a reseller