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Creating a clean & safer environment

Is your environment clean?

With recent events, we have seen a great shift in the market for clean and safe environments. It should be considered as 'best practice' to implement regular cleaning regimes within buildings; now, it has been a compulsory measure for many building owners to adapt. Where some environments had implemented cleaning efforts maybe once a day, there are now multiple cleaning regimes in place and deep cleaning methods.

Cleaning is compulsory and should always be considered as your first line of defence. However, the question is how do you protect yourself and others from the "unseen" - Microbes are everywhere, and not all of them are harmful, to add, but there there is no way to differentiate between good or bad without access to a science lab!

So what other measures could be adopted; Tried & tested options could include investing in building materials with antimicrobial properties. Research suggests the antimicrobial additives market is forecasted to increase.

According to sources, The global antimicrobial additives market size is expected to reach USD 4.3 billion by 2027, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market growth can be attributed to increasing consumption of antimicrobial additives in medical devices & equipment and other end-use industries, such as packaging, food & beverage, healthcare, personal care, and electronic goods.



Demand is on the rise for antimicrobial additives as they are used to impregnate or coat building materials used within many environments.

 Metals are renowned for their natural antimicrobial characteristics such as Copper, Zinc, Gold and Silver, each of which has its benefits and disadvantages. Silver specifically has its advantages; It is cheaper than gold and tends not to cause discolouring, unlike Zinc and Copper. 


Masterbatch producers formulate these natural metals into an additive form such as plastic pellets, powder or liquid. Several building products can today be purchased from a manufacturer to help create a microbe-free healthcare environment such as hand was dispensers, hand dryers, beds and blinds to name a few.



Antimicrobial Door Hardware

One pivotal area that can help suppress the spread is at the entrance of a door. New digital door hardware range now offered by DOM consists of silver ion technology. But its not just any door hardware, the coating has been applied to two Access Control systems; DOM digital handle and DOM digital cylinder, by incorporating antimicrobial door handles. 

  • Any contact between users and the handle will provide up to 99.9% protection from micro-organism. 
  • Prevent the risk of cross-contamination and spread
  • Offer a clean and secure environment for everyone.

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