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Businesses who keep up with the latest trends and provide cutting-edge solutions are the ones who succeed. Access control manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies to make buildings more secure and efficient, meaning professionals such as installers and integrators responsible for the design and installations remain on top of these changes and are able to expand on their offerings.

As we keep up with ever-changing industry requirements, our range of access control hardware and software solutions truly are one of a kind. Whether you are looking for a standard off the shelf solution or something that is out of the box, and bespoke.
Our team of experts are at hand to help and offer advice on solutions for you and your customer.

Keyless solutions

Your customers may have a list of what they expect from their new system. Most common requirements include a 2/47 monitoring tool, permissions to invoke or revoke access rights and a trail showing a history of events.

DOM Access Control systems offer so much more than the standard requirements. With our DOM ENiQ range, possibilities are endless.
Choose from a range of stylish and contemporary digital handsets, cylinders and modern wall readers. All of which can be easily controlled through an App, offline and online programming methods

Carry Data On Card

Unlike other access control systems, where data or permissions are collected from the hardware. With Data on Card, it is saved on the security key. Which could be in the form of a card, transponder or a fob. Users collect data from a common entrance point, and then easily access other permitted areas within a building.  
Carrying Data On Card may best suit a particular specification, where there is one common entrance for all individuals to enter, but have a number of digital locks installed throughout the buildings. 

DOM ENiQ Data On Card can help reduce costs, by eliminating the need for implementing expensive wiring throughout the building and the extra time-consuming task of updating hardware every time an update is made.

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Integrate with DOMConnect

Looking for an integration solution to help connect an entire building, then look no further. We recognise your customer's integration software is the heart of their building. It is much more than just installing a CCTV system, time registration and facial recognition; were talking about going that extra mile and offering a solution that secures the entire building.

By adding DOMConnect® to your service offering, your customers can easily connect and secure doors, windows, and other access points like workspace storage solutions such as lockers and cabinets.

With DOMConnect, access control is configured to your software with a device called DOMBridge. We also have API documentation and a web-based API service, offering your customers to integrate with different systems such as Data on Card (standardised by OSS), online, or offline programming.  DOMConnect® is an inclusive platform, meaning that your customers can mix the use of all three programming methods (OSS/Data on Card, Online, and Offline) in their building. 

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