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A Tailor-fit partner program

The better you do, the better we do.

To invest in others is to invest in yourself. We believe that helping those around you will, in the end, help yourself move forward just as much. That is why we initiated our new partner program, DOM Keystone: to help our dearest friends and loyal partners - like you! - create greater business, without compromise. Because the better you do, the better we will too.

If we had one word to describe DOM Keystone, it would be ‘possibility’: do more to help every aspect of your business move forward, without creating a bigger workload. Joining DOM Keystone means getting exclusive access to dedicated business support on every level. It also puts you on the front line of our latest innovations and developments.

Business Owners

For me, the value of DOM Keystone is that DOM not only acts as a supplier of quality products and service solutions, but also helps me make the most out of my showroom, for instance with smart displays, and increase my online presence with digital marketing tools.

DOM Keystone helps me go from maintaining my business to actively accelerating business growth, setting me apart from my competition.

Security Adviser

We joined DOM Keystone as it provides us with exactly the right products for our customers, as well as to exclusive showroom materials that help us give the clearest advice. And with the online video tutorials we acquire even more knowledge and skills that allow us to provide the best service imaginable. The program puts us on the front line of the latest developments and innovations in security solutions. It helps us grow as experts.

Security Installer

Thanks to DOM Keystone I was able to create my ideal working environment, both in our shop as in the vans. Everything’s far more efficient now. Our vans now have great storage solutions that allow me to take whatever I need for multiple jobs, from supplies to tools. Like my Cylinder Service Box that I can easily transfer from my workbench to the van. Overall, it simply allows me to excel every time and make my customers even happier.

Improving your business with our 5 stones

DOM Keystone provides you with a solid base of services, tools, knowledge and equipment. Whatever you need to move your business forward, the platform offers you everything to make your life as a security expert as productive as possible. Grab the opportunity to give your customers an even higher level of services and products.

DOM Keystone Partners

DOM by Bott

We teamed up with Bott to create a range of products and services that provide you superior workspace designs, with reliable delivery, installation and comprehensive long term support.

DOM by Keyline

Together with Keyline we present you with the very best in key cutting technology. After careful selection, we have found the machines by Keyline to be the most reliable and versatile. Purchase your machine through DOM Keystone to benefit from additional DOM features, while you also receive full installation, service, warranty and training directly from Keyline.

"I can easily find anything I need on my dedicated DOM Keystone web platform."

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Joachim Brückner

Do more, get more

Your engagement pays with DOM Keystone®

The more you do with DOM Keystone, the more you will be able to get out of it as well! With every product you purchase, every service you use, with every upgrade you do, we will reward you for your engagement. How? With DOM Credits.

Our own currency: DOM Credits.

With every interaction and engagement with DOM Keystone, you will receive certain amounts of DOM Credits. These credits will be saved to your personal DOM Keystone profile, and can be used to partially or fully purchase any materials, tools or services provided through DOM Keystone. The more you do with the program, the more you can get out of it!

Benefits with DOM credits

Reward every € spent with DOM products and get what you need:
- New workspace
- High performance key-cutting machine
- Nice shop fitting displays
- Online promotion materials
- Leaflets and gifts

A dedicated web platform

No String, No Bull, Just Good Business

At the heart of DOM Keystone lies our dedicated online platform, that’s both designed to improve your security business in every aspect, as well as being extremely easy to use. Like a web-shop for professional growth, helping you go from great to greater to greatest.

The platform gives you a clear overview of everything DOM Keystone has to offer, from dedicated products to exclusive services and promotion materials. But also insight in your personal account and saved DOM Credits, the latest end-customer reviews and news items on innovations from DOM Security. But above all, the platform offers you a fast and reliable interface for configuring products, calculating master-key systems and ordering anything from both the DOM and DOM Keystone portfolio.

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It's a small step to join, but it can make a huge difference.

Getting access to the many benefits of DOM Keystone is easy! Within a week we’ll get in touch with you, to go through all the details of the program and to help you decide how to make the most of it. It’s a small step to join, but it can make  a huge difference in your business  for years to come.
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