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Titan K6


  • Small conventional key from Nickel Silver ensuring long lasting durability
  • Highest security level tested and certified according to European Norm EN 1303:2015
  • Locking mechanism is very well protected againt intrusion methods and attacks, like drilling, picking or bumping
  • Great solution for small and large master-key systems
  • Owner's Card supplied together with the cylinder guarantees accurate key copying in authorized Service Centers
  • Nice nickel matt finish matching with contemporary door designs
  • Optional double entry function (N+G) gives the possibility to open the door from outside even if the key is inserted from inside
  • Optional keyed alike solution: just one key will open all your doors
Conventional Key System
Single Coded
Master Key System
Certification SKG 2 Star
Anti Bump Protection
Anti Pick Protection
Reproduction Card

Suggested application of use

Medium to Large Sized Businesses, Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Offices, Homes


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The cylinder mecanism K6 should be first of all destinguished by its high number of locking combinations and multiple locking profiles which gives the possibility to provide a master-key system to any building.
Wide range of cylinder sizes guarantee the installation for new or existing doors of any thickness .

With the cylinder K6 you select top security level, the best corrosion resistance and durability accorting to the highest grades of the European Norm EN 1303:2015.
The locking mechanism of this cylinder contatains inserts and pins in hardened steel which assures protection against drilling. Specially shaped tumbler pins helps to prevent bumping and picking attacks. Very narrow key profile hole contributes to protect the locking mechanism agaist the intrusions with the picking tools. Optional break secure cuts(ASC) prevents illigal opening of the door.
The homeowners or professional users will appreciate the K6 locking cylinder due to its nice and small key, Owner's Card, contemporary finish, keyed alike or double entry locking options.

Key TypeConventional Key System
Reproduction CardYes
Total Number of Locking Elements6
MKS PossibilitiesMaster Key, Single Coded
Anti Drill Protection HousingYes
Anti Snap ProtectionNo
Standard Warranty2 Years
Maximum Number of Lateral Elements0
Maximum Number of Upper Elements0
Number of Moveable Elements6
Number of Passive Elements0

EN 1303:2015 Rating16000C6D
A2P Rating1 *
Sold SecureGold
SKG Star Rating2 *

Standard FinishMatt Nickel
Optional FinishesBright Nickel
Standard Housing MaterialBrass
Standard Number of Keys4
Standard Key MaterialNew Silver
Standard CamDIN
Optional CamsTitan

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