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RONIS Ultra-Track ZLF


The RONIS ZLF module has been designed with a strong rectangular shape using a Zamak hook system. The ZLF module can resist a force of up to 130kg.

RONIS Ultra-Track system is a robust and efficient anti-tilt system for metal and wooden furniture, offering a high quality security locking solution with modular technology. ULTRA-TRACK is adaptable to any size up to 3m and any number of drawers up to 20. This system can be fitted onto the reverse or side of your product. It has been tested under the BIFMA standards and is protected by a European patent.

Ultra-Track consists of an aluminium rail with high strength and flexibility. This rail can be cut to the requested size from a minimum length of 200mm up to a maximum of 3m. The unique section of the aluminium profile enables a chain of sliders with precise tolerances. The patented design allows operation of our drawer locking module. In order to cover all standard sizes, we can use various slider lengths; 10mm, 12.5mm and 16mm.

Our anti-tilt system can be specified with a locking function where it is possible to link it with one of our central locking products. A "direct drive" module is positioned on the top of the rail offering a connection via a metal spindle directly joined to the back of the lock. Thank to a gear system, the "direct drive" module can control the metal spindle from the front, left or right side.


  • Made from high quality materials that provide a strong and robust product that you can rely on.
  • Designed to hold weights of up to 130kg making it ideal for larger cabinets and workplace furniture.
  • Suitable for a rail of up to 3m in length and is able to hold a maximum of 20 drawers.
  • Compatible with a wide range of our barrels, inserts and locks.
  • We have reduced the materials used to create this 'lightweight' version, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • High security and safety guaranteed with our exclusive patent protected technology.


Technical Specifications

Slider Dimensions10mm, 12.5mm

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