New £1 coin

10 July 2017

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New £1 Coin

In March 2017 the Royal Mint released a new £1 coin. It is estimated that over 1.4 billion new £1 coins have been made, leading to a 6-month co-circulation where both the new and old £1 coins will be available.  By 2018 all old £1 coins will be obsolete.

Nationally the introduction of a new £1 coin has a huge impact on many industries but particularly the leisure & fitness industry. DOM-UK Ltd are ready for this change, are you?

DOM-UK Ltd have been actively working to address this problem for several years by developing a new internal mechanism for the Omega coin operated range. All locks produced from 2016 onwards will be fully compatible with the old and new £1 coin, future proofing your investment and making it hassle free for your customers. The new Omega range also use the same fittings so installation is quick, easy and simple. With IP65 ratings and strong anti-snap reversible key technology, these products are designed to last for years to come.

Globally, the need for more advanced security is an every growing requirement for any business and with technologies advancing so quickly its hard to keep up. Electronic locking solutions are a great option if you are looking to move away from the traditional coin operated lock, and at DOM-UK Ltd they have an impressive range.

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