MLA Expo 2019 proves to be a great success for DOM UK

7 November 2019

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MLA Expo 2019 proves to be a great success for DOM UK Ltd

This year’s MLA Expo has proven to be a great success for DOM as they focus on evolving and introducing new and innovative solutions. The MLA Expo 2019 marked the launch of specific, innovative hardware and software solutions. DOM UK is proud to have been the sole sponsors of this year’s event, the show itself is perceived as a strong platform created for locksmiths and a perfect arena for DOM to echo as a key player within the industry.

During the show, DOM launched a number of hardware and software solutions, plus a new initiative, specifically created for security experts.

DOM UK MLA stand 2019


Mechanical Locking solutions

The DOM ix portfolio consists of three mechanical solutions; DOM ix Teco®, DOM ix Twido® and DOM ix TwinStar®. All three reversible solutions have been developed based on the latest innovations and techniques in mechanical security, with designs consisting of moveable and recess elements embedded within the key blades. The range offers the highest key copying protection available within the industry today.

Access Control Solutions

ENiQ® Security Ecosystem is an all-in-one tailor-made digital locking solution for your organisation. Providing the opportunity to secure any building and control everything online, offline, or through Data on Card technology. ENiQ offers a world of possibilities and is the leader in digital locking ecosystems.

New Digital Electronic Hardware

DOM ENiQ® Guard digital handle is available in fourteen different variations of hardware, all of which are suited to fit any door for all new or existing buildings. With the vast range of fittings and designs to suit all environments the opportunities with the ENiQ® Guard are endless.

Launch of the DOM Keystone® programme

To invest in others is to invest in yourself. DOM believe that helping those around you will, in the end, help you move forward just as much. That is why they have launched a new partner program, DOM Keystone® to help security professionals grow their business without compromise.

If DOM Keystone® was summarised in one word, it would be ‘possibilities’ without creating a bigger workload. By joining this program, it means getting exclusive access to dedicated business support on every level. It also puts you at the forefront of the latest innovations and developments.

Do you need to attract more customers? Choose one of the physical sales materials or online marketing assets. Want to improve efficiency? Go for a superior key cutting machine or new van interior. It’s all possible.

Growing as a professional means focusing on your strengths and understanding where you can create new opportunities. That is why the DOM Keystone® program has been created, as it inspires and supports you to do both, and gives you all the tools to perform.

This year’s show was by far the best event DOM have witnessed in a very long-time; commented Mr Lloyd Chitty, National Sales Manager. We received many positive comments by a number of security professionals who visited our stand. They also confirmed it was the biggest and best ever show to date! With over 3500 visiting the event over the three days, it clearly demonstrated the sharp increase in the footfall compared to previous shows.

As sole sponsors of the event it was important for us a key player within the industry to meet customers’ expectations and deliver a sleek, interactive stand and design. Aimed at complimenting the enhanced solutions which were officially launched and demonstrated during this years event. 

For more information on our new product ranges or the DOM Keystone programme please contact us further on or call us on +44 (0)121 569 7990