London Local Authority specify DOM Tapkey Smart Lock

29 July 2020

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Many local authorities within the UK are now working towards delivering on governments £2 billion package to help encourage cycling and walking within busy and congested areas.

London is one of the main cities to embrace this initiative and is moving ahead as public transport still seems to be an area of reluctance for much of the public to help prevent any further spikes for COVID 19. London Borough of Lambeth is now driving these projects for its local authority and is working with a metal fabrication business to supply residential housing areas with robust bicycle shelters.

DOM Tapkey Smart lock was chosen as the preferred locking solution by the council itself to ensure bikes are kept secure and accessed with ease by all users. Head Of Income Maximisation Residential Services at the council comments. "The opportunities for this lock within the local government are huge. If we can make this a success at this local authority, then there is no reason why others won't follow suit. Bicycle storage is a hot topic across all London boroughs."

DOM Tapkey Smart lock is designed for co-sharing environments and can be remotely accessed with a smartphone. Access rights can also be communicated over the air (OTA), eliminating the need for any face-to-face interaction. 

Mr Lloyd Chitty Sales Manager at DOM UK commented, "Following a thorough technical outline and requirements of DOM Tapkey Pro Cylinder; we were able to confirm and ensure DOM Tapkey Smart Lock is the ideal solution. This solution is likely to be used outdoors and will be subject to all types of weather conditions. Our range of hardware solutions undergo rigorous testing and have been manufactured to withstand external effects such as discolouration and overheating."

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