DOM UK deliver smart solution access control for Air BnB

25 November 2019

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DOM UK delivers keyless, smart solution access control for AirBnB

Being a property management service provider and having to consider door security for different premises such as holiday homes,serviced apartments, and other temporary accommodation can be a challenge.

By implemented keyless solutions on a rented property or serviced apartment provides effortless access granted by property managers and ease of control. Guests can also benefit as the last thing they want to worry about is looking after an extra set of keys.

DOM Tapkey, is a cloud based smart lock, which diminishes the problem of remotely managing property access, including: the expense and hassle of constant key exchanges, the disruption of early check-ins and overstays, and minimise the security risks of unauthorised access. 

A similar issue was put across to DOM UK by a popular AirBnB situated in Oxford. Pillow Talks are a specialist in providing temporary accommodation and apartments within Oxfordshire, wanted to replace their existing mechanical locks with an alternate, safe and secure digital locking solution which would allow them full management control over their door access.

With DOM Tapkey you can use the same ID on several Smartphones and Tablets simultaneously; which works for temporary tenants or small business owners renting premise, allowing multiple access at any one time.

The revolutionary digital locking system allows users to manage access and security of their home or office environment with the easy-to-use Tapkey app. You can add or remove users with smartphones and transponders on your smartphone whenever you want. Whether you’re at work, at a meeting, it’s a quick and easy process. Discover an innovative plug-and-play solution for all your security needs.

National Sales Manager DOM UK Mr Lloyd Chitty states; Project itself had been installed by one of our trusted partner and security expert Oxford SMS. Impressed with the smart lock and service provided by Mr Jason Priest, Pillow Talks requested for a digital cylinder to be installed within their private home and labelled the locking cylinder as a new 21st Century system”

DOM Tapkey access control solution is more than just a digital door opener: it’s also a smart management tool that allows you to remotely program electronic keys, send authorisations to other users, share access and receive event notifications.

DOM Tapkey is a revolutionary way to lock and unlock the doors to your home or office. Simply place your smartphone against the digital cylinder and you have instant access.

For more information on how DOM Tapkey can help secure your building contact us on 0121 569 7790 or