DOM Access Control Systems deployed to manage Construction project

20 August 2020

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Contemporary new build and regeneration projects are now back on schedule within the UK. Quite often, the process of delivering high-value projects from "cradle to the grave" is significantly diluted.

There is a rising problem encountered by developers and contractors in assuring projects are executed within budget and without incurring spiralling costs, factored down to remedial and individual negligence.

Within industry today, we find many contractors and developers having to compensate an average sum of £150,000 + costs related to unrecorded, Adhoc remedial works. As a result of damages incurred during a construction phase to fitted materials, walls, doors, furniture, electrics and other structural elements.

DOM UK Ltd is privileged to be working alongside a well-established and internationally celebrated developer based in the heart of London. The newly handcrafted and contemporary style of apartments will be located in the city centre, along with both retail and commercial amenities.

As part of this collaboration, DOM UK will be delivering a suitable job-site access control systems that allows senior site personnel to identify and authorise accredited workers onsite, offering instant visibility over their site operations.

Their specified essential requirements included:

  • A range of access control hardware
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Audit and trail log of onsite activity and door entrances
  • A single access control management system
  • Grant instant access to contractors and engineers

"Providing ownership and responsibility to contractors and engineers working in a particular workspace is what the aim is here," commented Mr Lloyd Chitty DOM UK Sales Manager “It makes commercial sense for a site developer or contractor to invest in £70,000 on access control systems vs £150,000 or even thousands more due to un-monitored negligence”

“Without transparency on footfall, site attendance or who is accessing what area onsite, it becomes difficult to analyse and monitor where improvements need to be made”

“By reviewing the specification listed by our client, it was evident they were looking for a smooth, seamless but secure access control system, which would no doubt ensure a COVID safe working environment and but provide a 24/7 real-time audit trail”

“The DOM ENiQ Ecosystem delivers precisely that.  Among our range of access control hardware. No matter how busy a construction site is, footfall is easily monitored via a digital cylinder, digital door handle, wall reader and even a digital locker or cabinet lock to secure away valuables”

Each hardware is available in several different specifications and can be retrofitted to match pre-marked areas. The true USP is that the range can be fully monitored through one software-based management system or an app – hence why it is referred to as DOM ENiQ Ecosystem - a solution that not only saves on time, costs but is an Access Control Community suited to meet bespoke needs of any building.

For more information on how our Access Control Systems and Cloud-based Smart Lock, and how they can work as part of your construction site projects, contact us today on 0121 569 7790