Michelin Star Restaurant, The Elephant Turns to Access Locks for DOM Tailored Solution

11 June 2024

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Location: Torquay
Product: Sigma Plus, Masterkey Suite

Elephant Restaunt 1

The Elephant restaurant is a vibrant, casual spot right by the picturesque Torquay harbor. It's owned by chef Simon Hulstone and his wife Katy. Notably, it was the first restaurant in Torquay to earn a prestigious Michelin star, and it's the only one to have held onto it since 2006. The Elephant offers a laid-back atmosphere and prides itself on serving top-notch Michelin-starred lunches at great prices.

When it came to keeping things secure, the growing team at The Elephant had specific needs to ensure smooth operations. They wanted staff to have access to the areas they needed while maintaining efficiency. To address these concerns, The Elephant turned to local locksmith Access Locks for assistance.

Access Locks and Security is a family-owned locksmith business with over two decades of experience, serving Torquay, South Devon, and nearby areas. They specialise in installing and repairing various types of door locks, including uPVC, wood, and aluminum. Additionally, they offer fire door upgrades and operate round the clock for emergency services, ensuring reliable assistance.

DOM Sigma Cylinder

Access Locks opted for DOM UK's popular Masterkey system, Sigma Plus, known for its excellent security features. This system is an ideal choice for entry-level security, featuring six solid pin locks and lateral profile pins. These design elements make it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access through common methods such as drilling, bumping, or picking. The Sigma Plus profile offers a variety of cylinder options suitable for different applications. In this case, the cylinders included a mix of half-euro cylinders and ovals, all with a Satin Nickel finish.

To get in touch with Access Locks, you can reach them by phone at 01803 475089. Alternatively, you can visit their website at https://www.locksmithtorquay.co.uk/contact-lock-repairs-torquay/ for more information or to request their services.

For DOM UK, you can contact them by calling +44 (0) 121 569 7790. You can also visit their website at www.dom-security.co.uk to learn more about their products and services.

Elephant Restaunt 2