Multiplex Goes Keyless As It Digitalises Site Access At Flagship Nine Elms Site

15 May 2023

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A new digital site access cylinder system, activated by a smartphone, has been implemented by construction contractor
Multiplex during the building of R&F Properties’ flagship One Nine Elms development in South London.

Multiplex is the first contractor in the UK to utilise the technology, replacing the need for physical keys used by contractors on sites.

The new innovation emerged after Rainham-based architectural ironmongers, London Architectural Hardware Ltd was requested by Multiplex to find a solution to the issues caused by keys being handed in late or lost on its site. London Architectural Hardware Ltd worked together with DOM UK Ltd, and a leading manufacturer of digital and mechanical solutions, access control specialists and DOMConnect partner EasySecure, to create the software and hardware which powers the innovative new system.

DOMConnect is a digital integration to your software that allows you to extend your current management system to secure doors, and other access points like lockers and cabinets. DOMConnect uses a device called DOM Bridge which is the bridge that connects DOM digital devices into your software.

The system allows construction personnel to access properties through a secure digital application on their phone, named ‘DOM Key’ which utilises an innovative cylinder lock, known as DOM ENiQ Pro V2 Smartlock Digital cylinder.

Using the EasySecure platform, site personnel will have their login portal and profiles, keeping track of who is accessing properties. Personnel must request key access to a property through their mobile phones using the DOM Key app, and once approved a digital key will be sent to provide access.

Most sites currently utilise traditional mechanical locks whereby personnel provide a handwritten name and signature to access physical keys. In many instances keys go missing. Should damage occur or theft take place within the secure areas the handwritten names can be difficult to read, meaning that cases can go unresolved and reoccur.

Contractors will now have robust records listing personnel who accessed area which include details such as the date and time.

Furthermore, there will no longer be a limitation of keys available to gain access. Previously, keys which had been lost or not handed back promptly caused delays and increased costs.

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Andrew Richardson, Head of Fit Out for Multiplex commented:
“As a contractor working on some of the most prestigious schemes in the country, we have been looking for a smarter way of providing controlled access rather than relying on mechanical locks and key.

“With the assistance of London Architectural Hardware, DOM and EasySecure, we have developed a unique system which allows access to be provided via smart phones. The benefits are clear with time saving for contractors, easy accessibility and countability, which ultimately increases the efficiency for all.”

A survey was conducted among the workforce of Multiplex at One Nine Elms, provided the following feedback:

  • “Greatest key system that I have ever used, it saved so much time and hassle”
  • “The smart lock system is more secure than a key, the smart lock system avoided you carrying a heavy bundle of keys, and saved time to work.”
  • “I’m very impressed”
  • “Easy to use and very useful application”
  • “The electronic lock its very smart, very fast ...I like it so much.

Most workers also agreed that the new system saved time on site and would recommend it on other sites.

Speaking about the innovative technology, Daniel Blackwell, Commercial Director of London Architectural Hardware Ltd, commented:
“Firstly, we need to give thanks to Andrew Richardson of Multiplex who contacted me to discuss his vision to update the site access for contractors.

“We are proud to be working with our partners at DOM UK and EasySecure to deliver a new game-changing technology to our client, Multiplex. This is the type of technology which will make a real difference to everyday life on a construction site.

“This technology utilises strong, high-quality hardware combined with innovative electronic components, equating to a secure system which has a long-life cycle.

“Gone will be the days of waiting for keys, losing keys and security provided through handwritten names and signatures. These are archaic practices which can now be overcome.

“With this new system, we can improve accountability and lessen the possibility of theft and damages to properties throughout the construction – meaning our clients increase security, save money and become more efficient.”

Owen Boothby, National Sales Manager for DOM UK Ltd, commented:
“It has been a privilege to provide the Nine Elms site with DOM ENiQ Pro V2 Digital cylinders, as part of our DOMConnect Integration Platform. The cylinders accept DOM Mobile Keys, traditional Mifare RFID transponders and receive access rights and updates via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.”

“DOM Mobile Keys allows facilities managers greater flexibility and control by providing the tools to manage access control systems in real-time. The system benefits the user as it permits them to gain ingress using an application called DOM Key.”

“London Architectural Hardware has been a DOM customer for many years, and we are also now proud to be working alongside our DOMConnect Partner EasySecure and Multiplex and look forward to providing solutions together on further projects.”

Daan Kalkman, Chief Operating Officer of EasySecure International commented:
“We develop a cloud platform (EasySecure Software) that allows you to easily manage your construction site from any location in the world. You can give access to your contractors and sub-contractors with a click of the button and you can decide which documents and security checks are mandatory before getting access. The hired contractors and sub-contractors can easily manage their own employees and request access.

“All you have to do is check the incoming requests and approve or deny them. After approval the selected sub-contractors automatically receive a mobile key and are able to open the approved doors within a specific time period.

“By using your mobile phone to open the doors we make the registration easy, personal and more secure. There is no need to wait in line to pick up physical keys or access cards and mobile phones are less likely to be lost or passed along. This way the access is a lot more secure and efficient. You always know who entered which room at which time, you always know who has access and there is no need to spend a lot on time managing the system.

Multiplex is the contractor for the design and build of the residential-led, mixed-use, R&F Properties scheme known as One Nine Elms.

Located in the London Borough of Wandsworth, the scheme will include 487 apartments, a luxury hotel and 1,000 sq ft of retail space. Once completed, One Nine Elms will become one of the tallest residential-led developments in Europe, with City Tower containing 56 floors and River Tower containing 42 floors.

About Multiplex

Multiplex is a leading international contractor with a focus on sustainable growth and a presence in Europe, Canada, the Middle East and Australia. They have been bringing large-scale, complex structures to life for 60 years. Established in the United Kingdom in 1999, Multiplex has a proven track record of delivering high quality, iconic projects. They have built a reputation in the marketplace for their collaborative, flexible approach – starting with the end in mind, working in partnership with their clients, and maintaining a shared focus on the final goal. Their current workbook across a diverse range of sectors reflects their strong reputation, which has resulted in a high proportion of repeat business. Multiplex is backed by the financial stability and global relationships of their parent company, Brookfield, which supports their continued growth.

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