Bolton Lock Enhances Security at Daisy Bank Villas with Sigma Plus Installation

14 May 2024

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Products: Sigma Plus, Masterkey Suite
Location: Manchester, England

Daisy Bank 1

Daisybank Villas offers student housing conveniently situated in the bustling heart of Manchester. Its prime location ensures students a quick morning commute to The University of Manchester, Manchester College, and Manchester Metropolitan University, all within walking distance.

Housed within a Listed Victorian building, Daisybank Villas exudes character and history. Each room is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, a spacious and cozy bed, a wardrobe, as well as a desk and chair for studying. Additionally, all flats feature a communal area furnished with comfortable leather sofas, providing students with a relaxing space to unwind and socialize after a busy day of lectures.

Securing student accommodation can often be a daunting task. High turnover rates, shared entrances, security concerns, and the potential for lost keys all require careful consideration when selecting the ideal security system.

Consequently, Daisy Bank sought the expertise of a seasoned locksmith capable of designing and installing a dependable security system. Bolton Lock, situated in Westhoughton, boasts a longstanding reputation as a reputable Master Locksmith. For over four decades, they have delivered specialised safe and lock services, along with key cutting, catering to both residential and commercial clientele. Renowned as one of the most trusted providers of security and architectural products in the Northwest region, Bolton Lock stands as a reliable choice for Daisy Bank's security needs.

Furthermore, Bolton Lock is a proud DOM Keystone member and has maintained a strong partnership with DOM for many years. They supplied a Sigma Plus Masterkey suite to Daisy Bank, leveraging its protected key system and competitive pricing model. Additionally, Daisy Bank appreciated the efficient key cutting service provided by Bolton Lock as a DOM Keystone partner, ensuring timely delivery of cut keys the very next day.

Daisy Bank 2

The security system comprises over 150 cylinders, all finished in Satin Stainless Steel. Among these, 30 are rim cylinders, while the remainder consists of 70mm oval profile cylinders and turns tailored to fit the pre-installed lock cases in the doors, resulting in cost savings for the end customer.

The DOM Sigma Plus system boasts six solid pin locks and lateral profile pins, rendering it highly resistant to unauthorized access attempts through common methods such as drilling, bumping, and picking. With its advanced security features, including high manipulation protection offering up to 19 locking authorization queries per key, Sigma Plus ensures robust security measures. Additionally, it is available in various cylinder variants, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

For additional information about the Bolton Lock Company Ltd and DOM UK security solutions, please contact Bolton Lock at +44 (0) 1942 811 186 or DOM UK at +44 (0) 121 569 7790.

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