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What is a Masterkey System?

Masterkey System is a key plan which allows a key or set of keys to provide specific access to a number of pre-defined doors. The system functions like a hierarchy providing access to different key holders such as building owners, facilities managers or members of staff. A system like this ensures greater control and convenience as it provides quick access to all rooms, saves key replacement costs and increases safety as management and security staff can access any room if required. At DOM UK our dedicated partner network of security professionals is on hand to create a system tailor fit to suit your needs.

What are the advantages of a Masterkey System?

  • Convenience As one key will open multiple locks, building owners/facilities managers no longer have to carry a large number of keys to access each area of their building

  • Control Keys can be coded allowing staff to be given specific access to only the areas that they require. A building owner/facilities manager can then be given access to all areas

  • Security At DOM UK we supply a range of high-security cylinders, the keys for which can only be cut by DOM-authorised dealers giving you peace of mind that your premises are secure

  • Cost-Effective Keys can be cut cheaply and easily, either by the DOM dealer or by DOM, meaning lost or stolen keys are cheap and easy to replace

  • Efficiency Because your employees can access the areas they need, your security system won’t get in the way of their productivity

How to design a Masterkey system?

There are many considerations when designing a Masterkey system but whatever the size and nature of the project, the DOM UK Master keying department will ensure that a clear and concise solution is reached.

To get you started DOM UK offers a free design tool called DOMXL. DOMXL is a Microsoft Excel document with additional functionality available to all DOM dealers which allows both simple and complex Masterkey charts to be designed with ease.

The platform was developed in-house and has been produced with the requirements of building owners in mind, providing customers with optimum support, providing the basis of a Masterkey plan a detailed insight into cost-efficiency. The program is customer-oriented, simple and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Relationship between profile, design, type and length
  • Control of locking functions
  • Total overview and gross prices
  • Import your hardware state into DOMXL
  • Enter the extension of the existing Masterkey plan

Download DOMXL Masterkey Design Software

Different System Types

Masterkey System

A Masterkey system is well suited to small to medium-sized businesses, as full access is often restricted to a select number of individuals. This type of system is a hierarchy wherein key holders at the top, will be able to access every cylinder within the system. This is highly convenient for a Managing Director for example, as they have access to any area within the building. For added convenience, Masterkey systems can include all types of DOM products all operated by the same key, for convenience and safety.

Grand Masterkey System 

A Grand Masterkey System is mostly implemented in large organisations, where clear and well-defined structures are essential. On the top level of the system, heads of departments and managers may require unrestricted access to large areas of the building. On the middle levels, management and small teams require access to only certain areas. On the bottom level, employees will need access to their particular office or working area.

As an example there are generally three levels that exist within a typical GMK:

  • Level 1 - The Grand Masterkey (GMK) unlocks all cylinders on all sites
  • Level 2 - The Masterkeys (MK) will unlock all cylinders within a specific building on the site
  • Level 3 - The Sub-Masterkey (SMK) unlocks specific departments or areas within one of the buildings

Each cylinder will then also have its own (differ) key which will be used by the person who works in that particular room or office.

Common Entrance Pic

Common Entrances

Common Entrance Systems are normally used in blocks of rented apartments and halls of residence, individuals must be able to unlock one or more main access doors, without direct access to neighbouring apartments. Keys can also be issued that allow access only to common entrances. This can be suitable for maintenance companies or delivery companies needing access to building corridors. Common entrance cylinders can be incorporated as part of a master key system.

Keyed to differ master key system
Keyed to Differ

Keyed to Differ

A Keyed to Differ (KTD) cylinder can only be operated by its own unique key and relevant master keys.

Keyed Alike

Keyed Alike cylinders (KA) are a set of locks that can be operated by the same key and relevant masterkeys. Multiple Keyed Alike sets can be specified providing increased flexibility in master key systems.

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