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Commonly Asked Questions

Why Choose a System by DOM?

Standard Finishes and Colour Matching Service

At DOM UK we have always offered an extensive, standard range of finishes to ensure our customers can achieve the best match when supplying a building's ironmongery.

In addition to the standard range, our sister company DOM-Germany hosts a state-of-the-art colour-matching facility with a team of experts who bring a vast experience of colour knowledge, allowing us to identify and solve your colour-matching requirements.

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Fast Track Delivery

We have streamlined our processes to bring you our fine-tuned DOM Fast Track service. Once qualified, turbocharge your order with our express pit stop, guaranteeing shipment within 24 hours. For more information on this service including full Terms and Conditions, find out more below.

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After-sales Service

Here at DOM UK we understand the importance of ensuring all assembled cylinders perform to the reassured high-quality standards we aim to achieve. Therefore During the assembly process, special lubricating oil is used to ensure high-security levels are implemented at all times.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How do i measure a Cylinder?

Other industry professionals can sometimes have different ways of measuring cylinders. Here at DOM we follow the conventional industry method. Measuring the Interior of the door thickness first (Dimension A) followed by the Exterior (Dimension B) This is the same with both double cylinders and key and knob cylinders (The knob is always on the inside).

To measure a cylinder, measure from the very edge to the centre point of the screw hole.

With a single cylinder again measure from the leading edge to the centre point of the screw hole (Dimension A) But the internal side (Dimension B) will always be 10mm.

What is a Masterkey system?

A Masterkey System is a key plan which allows a key or set of keys to provide specific access to a number of pre-defined doors. The System functions like a hierarchy providing access to different key holders such as building owners, facilities managers or members of staff. A system like this ensures greater control and convenience as it provides quick access to all rooms, saves key replacement costs and increases safety as management and security staff can access any room if required. At DOM UK our dedicated partner network of security professionals is on hand to create a system tailor fit to suit your needs.

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How do i choose the correct mechanical system?

From entry-level single-coded cylinders right through to copy-protected Masterkey systems, DOM offers a full range of solutions to suit a variety of budgets, security requirements and specifications.

Every building has its own set of specifications based on its purpose such as; the number of doors, function and access requirements, therefore choosing the right security system is essential. Here at DOM, we recognise the importance of selecting the right products for each individual project.

Customers can choose from conventional or reversible systems, and our mechanical cylinders can also be combined with access control products meaning the possibilities are endless.

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What is the difference between a 'Clutch' and 'Classroom' Cylinder?

Clutch Cylinder

  • Can always be overridden from the outside

Clutch or ‘anti-barricade’ cylinders were designed with secure accommodation in mind. These cylinders offer a level of privacy to end-users whilst maintaining their safety and security. Anti-barricade cylinders enable a door to be locked with the thumb turn from the inside of a room however, should somebody need to get in from the outside they are able to override the locking mechanism with the key even if it is being held from the inside. This works insomuch as if the client attempts to grip the thumb turn to prevent staff from operating the lock from the other side, the sprung clutch mechanism releases once the key is entered and allows the key to turn.

Classroom Cylinder

  • Can always be overridden from the outside
  • Cannot be locked with a thumb turn from the inside, only unlocked

The purpose of a classroom cylinder is to provide an extra level of security on lockable doors. The cylinder has a turn on the inside of the door which will only operate in one direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) in order to unlock the door. This prevents occupiers from being accidentally or purposely locked in a room. The key will always operate the lock from the outside, being able to lock and unlock. This is often used in a classroom to avoid a situation where students lock the door from the inside of the classroom, requiring a key to come and unlock the door from the outside. There is no way of locking the door from the inside so this cannot happen. The clutch release mechanism ensures that somebody in the room cannot prevent a keyholder from entering.

Clutch Cylinders feature a K2 Turn as standard and Classroom Cylinders feature a K6 Turn as standard. FOR TURN IMAGES CLICK HERE AND SCROLL TO PAGE END.
Available on all DOM systems other than Titan.

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