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Adapting our processes to fit your business

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We believe that the key to a successful partnership depends on how well we can adapt to fit into your existing business structure. Whether it's the products that we make, the service times that we can offer or even stock and logistics from our factory to yours, everything has to be efficient and effective for everyone to succeed.

UK based operations

Our primary operations are based here in the UK. Working with a local partner will ensure you can take advantage of all our benefits.

Adapting our processes to fit your business

We can provide a tailored supply chain solution that not only integrates into your existing business plan but also helps standardise and improve your processes. Weekly shipments on demand are possible thanks to us been a UK based company. We hold stock at our facility, so we can respond quickly and efficiently when you need us most. The local stock also reduces the risk of delayed orders or production been placed on hold while we wait for parts to arrive.

As a DOM partner, we also strive to save you money where possible too. A consignment agreement will ensure you have the products there available when you need them while saving money on storage and inventory costs. Consignment stock can also save you time because you don't have to wait for new inventory every time you run out of stock. Simply sell the products as normal, and we will automatically replenish your inventory.

Working together, we can reduce your working capital by looking at your current product portfolio and standardising the range you offer. By doing this, we can potentially reduce your product range, reduce your 'on shelf' stock and create a more efficient workflow.

Working with our partners, we manufacture solutions to fit their markets. We can guarantee that under the DOM brand you will have an exceptional workforce helping you to succeed.

The initial understanding of your requirements can be confirmed in person. Our expert sales team will visit you and discuss the best options going forward.
We manufacture and/or assemble our locks inhouse which gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility, not only with what's possible, but we can also offer smaller minimum order quantities than if you were ordering overseas. You can also rest assured knowing that your products are of the finest quality and not made from cheap imported materials.
Save money on logistics and shipping with no high import fees. There's no need to pay the high costs to ship products across the world when you can order right here in the UK.
Reduce your carbon footprint. In today's world, helping the environment is at the top of every companies priority list. By reducing the transportation times and costs of your orders, you are also reducing your emissions and energy usage.

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