Public Machines

Public Machines

Ticket machines to ATM's. Our high security locks secure them all.

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Standard & tailored solutions

Security technology for kiosk systems - for us, this does not just mean technical know-how in mechanical and electronic locking systems, but also flexibility and innovation skills. We continuously invest in the development of tamper-resistant locking systems to prevent all risks of manipulation.

Protecting against intrusion

Kiosk systems are publicly accessible and therefore exposed to many risks: breaking open, theft, vandalism, tampering. For this reason, we are continuously developing secure solutions to combat the latest criminal "tricks". Beyond this, the complexity of kiosk systems is increasing, for example, in the case of temporary access for external service providers. We deliver systems with access permissions for different persons (services, technicians, fillers, cashiers). Kiosk system security can be made even more flexible with electronic locking media. You can be sure that we have a suitable kiosk system security concept for your company.

Wide range of machines

The right solution for your kiosk systems:

Cash machines

Cash machines probably have the highest security risk because this is where people think they can make the most "loot". This explains why new attempts at tampering with them are made continuously; we respond to this with simple and tested systems.

Ticket & parking ticket machines

Unlike other machines, ticket and parking ticket machines are exposed to wind and weather. They are also regularly a target of vandalism because they are usually unguarded and unprotected. We deliver systems with VdS certification for perfect protection for this sensitive outdoor area.

Slot machines

Gamblers who have no luck in the game may try to break open the lock and cylinder. DOM systems for slot machines are the best protection against a "soldier of fortune's" tricks.

Vending machines

DOM locking technology offers robust and insurmountable security technology for machines at railway stations, airports or public locations that are often the target of criminal machinations.
Lloyd Chitty National Sales Manager

Lloyd Chitty

Sales and Marketing Director