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There is always a bustle in large recreational facilities, and it's essential to have a product that can handle such a workload. With intelligent locking technology, it is possible to keep control over who does what, and when. DOM develops access control systems for leisure facilities and sports centres, casinos and swimming pools of any size. For your company too!


Areas of Application

Indoor and outdoor pools, Spas, Wellness facilities, Sports centres (multi-functional halls, indoor tennis courts, squash courts, etc.), Gyms, Theme parks, Adventure halls, Indoor ski slopes, Bowling alleys


Mechanical, practical and economical

Our mechanical security products range from locks for the soap dispenser to the tamper-proof locker lock. We not only take care of your security needs, but we also seek to provide inexpensive solutions.

Electronic and efficient

The customer wants convenience, and facilities need to be productive. Intelligently networked and individually programmable systems are thus the perfect solution. We offer you maximum efficiency and security using software-driven technology that can be configured for any company and any system. For example, programmable fobs that memorise everything, are the role model for an uncomplicated locking system application. They allow the customer to use a fob for access, for the locker in the changing room, and for the car park. All data are recorded and are available at the till or at the cash machine.
Lloyd Chitty National Sales Manager

Lloyd Chitty

Sales and Marketing Director