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Reducing our carbon footprint

Protecting the environment whenever and wherever we can

ECO friendly

DOM Security engages in a responsible citizen approach to meet today’s needs without compromising future generations. So our manufacturing sites pay close attention to waste processing, recycling of raw materials and monitoring of suppliers with respect to the environmental charter. Many of our sites are classified for environmental protection, meeting the ISO 14001 standard.
scrap metal melted down to be recast as ingot bars

Utilising existing materials

In all our production processes, reducing our carbon footprint is at the top of our priorities. Our products are made and cut from ingot bars, which naturally creates a lot of offcuts. As they are, the offcuts can't be used and are considered 'scrap'. To reduce the waste, all offcuts are collected into large containers. Once the containers are full, they are then re-melted down in our smelters to then be re-cast as ingot bars.

These ingot bars are then used again in the production process and the cycle continues.

ECO design

We integrate the concept of ECO Design into our product development program. This working approach takes into consideration environmental impact during design and development of our products, and during the complete life cycle from raw material to finished product, including all steps in the process such as manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and use. Thus the ECO Design concept is incorporated into the development of all our new and existing products.

Our ZLF Ultra Track system is a perfect example. We created a lightweight version of our existing BLF and in doing so cut its carbon footprint by 40%, as well as reducing component cutting by 50%.

Learn more about Ultra Track

Protecting water sources

All our processes create byproducts that could potentially harm the environment, especially when we have manufacturing plants located next to rivers and water sources. Taking this into consideration, all waste goes through a series of extensive cleans.

This ensures that the water we put back into the river is clean and safe. Only once we are 100% satisfied that the water has been correctly cleansed and purified, will we allow it to flow through to the river and back into the environment.

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