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We provide locking solutions for a wide range of furniture and storage environments. We appreciate that there are different levels of security requirements involved in furniture solutions. That's why we offer an extensive range of options, to better support you and your products.


High traffic areas require a product that won't falter in times of heavy usage. Desks, drawers, and cupboards are used on a regular basis and can often hold private belongings. Our mechanical range of drawer locks has been designed with this in mind. The smooth key action and strong, robust materials ensure the lock will last as long as the furniture does. A common problem in office environments is the keys getting bent or snapped in the lock from been pushed against. This can happen by accident from the cleaner or something knocking them. All our keys come with a hinged option, meaning the key can be folded flat against the drawer or door when not in use.

Filing cabinets are also a necessity in office environments. They are the most popular way to organise and archive files within the business. Due to the heavyweights involved, filing cabinets also pose a health risk. When opening multiple drawers fully, the weight can cause the cabinet to topple over, possibly crushing the person who opened it. With our Ultra Track anti-tilt system this will never happen. It's a dedicated solution to this problem. With locking modules fixed to a rail inside the cabinet, it ensures only one drawer can be opened at a time. 


In hospitals, security is a must. Medications have to safely stored away and out of reach to ensure the safety of staff and patients. Our maximum security cam locks are perfect to stop unauthorised access. With pin technology inside a solid tumbler, combined with a solid steel cam, you can rest assured they are safe and secure. Using our electronic range, you can have the security with added flexibility, giving access rights to the individuals that need it.


In many residential buildings, letterboxes can be found at the main reception. It's a central location from which the residents can collect their personal and private mail. Although security is a must, the letterboxes themselves are often part of an overall interior design to make them aesthetically pleasing. It is our responsibility to ensure that the locks don't let the overall look down. To address this issue, we provide all our mechanical locks in a wide range of finishes including Matt Nickel, Bright Nickel, Matt Chrome, Bright Chrome, Matt Brass, Bright Brass, Dark Bronze, Black, and Gold. For other, specialist locks we also offer a range of Pantone and RAL colours.
Lloyd Chitty National Sales Manager

Lloyd Chitty

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