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NEW ENiQ Mobile App

Full software control via your smartphone

The ENiQ app gives you all the control and insight of our desktop software, without the need for a pc or separate network to connect to all the devices.

With the ENiQ App, you can access and programme every individual ENiQ device, whether it’s connected to your network or directly through local wireless communication via NFC. It always backs up your security plan, and you can seamlessly switch systems if you would like to move to desktop software at some point.

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ENiQ Family

Electronic locks open up a whole new world

ENiQ® is a renewed, secure safe and user friendly digital locking system, designed to organize and secure buildings all by yourself. With ENiQ® electronic locking systems there is always a perfect security concept for any building type - from your home to your office. Unlock doors by simply tapping a tag against the lock!

ENiQ® is a set of products that are designed to work seamlessly together. From electronic cylinders to transponders. From software to physical access management. Thanks to modern, software controlled technologies, you can manage a virtually unlimited number of locks.

Areas of use


Small, medium and large enterprises, Office and administration building, Hospitals and nursing homes, Schools and universities, Shopping centres, Sports facilities, Apartment buildings, Private homes

DOM Clip Tag

The merging of worlds

The new DOM Clip Tag has a lot to offer. In a completely new design and equipped with the latest Mifare and 125 kHz transponder technologies, it combines the world of conventional mechanical locking systems with that of highly innovative electronics. Simply open the Clip Tag and insert the matching DOM key, and you have two locking media in one unit. This saves space on the key ring and can also be individualised in a colour of choice. It couldn’t be easier.

All conventional systems in the RS series and all reversible key systems in the ix series can be integrated or retrofitted to the new DOM Clip Tag.
The new ENiQ® electronic cylinder opens up a new dimension of access organisation: flexibility in access management is one of the primary advantages here. Thanks to the simple and flexible web-based software you are always in control. You decide who has access. Also, the electronic knob cylinder can be fitted in almost any door as an access control system. A reliable top-quality security product that provides you convenient access to all rooms.


  • 13.56mHz Mifare technology
  • Management of up to 5,000 fobs
  • Battery lifetime of up to 100,000 cycles
  • Fire rating up to 90 minutes


  • IP52 rated
  • IP64 rated
  • IP65 rated

ENiQ EasyFlex Pro kit

Turn a mechanical system into a full electronic solution with a single box. The DOM Easyflex makes this possible. Included inside is the ENiQ Pro digital cylinder, all tools for installation and the Easyflex booklet. Systems can be extended by purchasing more booklets. It can also be integrated into existing mechanical systems with the use of the DOM ClipTag.

The system can be expanded at any time by further ENiQ® EasyFlex booklets (5 transponders each with appropriate transponder management keys) up to a total of 5,000 transponders. No follow-on costs (credits) and registration for authorisation actions.
Booklet contains:

- 5 standard transponders, also known as tags – electronic key – with high AES 128 bit encoding protection.
- 5 transponder management cards – Every transponder management card is assigned to exactly one transponder by UID. The respective transponder can be created or deleted at the ENIQ® Pro cylinder with the transponder management card (in conjunction with the master card). The transponder does not even have to be on hand for this e.g. if it has been lost and needs to be deleted. The transponder management card itself is not authorised for locking and can only display the status of the respective transponder (authorised for locking, not authorised for locking) if it is presented without previous master card command.

EasyFlex box contains:

- ENiQ® Pro cylinder - readable on one side from outside/inside 30/30 mm to 80/80 mm, stainless steel - highest cylinder protection classes. Tested to VdS BZ+ and SKG ***, T90, IP65 and the electronic knob even IP66 (gen. technical data ENiQ Pro).
- Master card - the master card is the control card for our devices and orders e.g. the electronic knob to couple (connect) with the cylinder. Other commands include the creation of locking media, the deletion of locking media, the deletion of all locking media and the adjustment of the coupling time during which the knob can be turned to open the door.
- Knob tool – for attachment of the electronic knob to the cylinder. Is also required to replace the battery in the knob (only approx. every 3 years)
- Torx screwdriver – for attachment of the mechanical inner knob.
- ENiQ® Pro device information – instructions on installing the cylinder, instructions for care and about hazards.

The EasyFlex system can also be used on an ENiQ® Guardian, ENiQ® Guardian S and  ENiQ® AccessManager.

Later expansion with ENIQ® Access Management software possible.
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