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Managing your ENiQ Security system

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Managing your entire system on your smartphone

You no longer need computers, servers and software to get full control and insights of your Access Control Security system: just grab your Android smartphone! Even though your ENiQ App is designed to be quick and easy to use, that doesn’t mean it’s not packed with advanced features.

The DOM ENiQ app has been perfectly designed for small to medium businesses.

The only app of its kind with an official security certification

We strive to bring you the highest possible security in all areas, including our software. Our DOM ENiQ App is no exception and due to the extremely high level of encryption, it has obtained the VdS 2 star certification.


  • EASY
    Easy installation: download the app and you’re ready to manage your system.
    ENiQ evolves with you: start with the app and move on to Access Management software at any time.
    Always have quick access to login data and easily track events.
    Having a full programming tool in your pocket means you can always find quick solutions.
    Save time thanks to the simple process.
    Always have a backup of your security plan.

Getting started

Setting up the ENiQ app is as easy as installing any app on your phone: just download and go! After that, you are ready to start connecting your ENiQ devices and fobs to the app and to set up your entire ENiQ Security system.

Press below to download the app for your android device.

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Managing devices

Adding a new fob is a matter of simply holding the fob against your smartphone, activating it and programming its access privileges. After that just hold your phone against the cylinders in question. Now everything is programmed and ready to go.

If a user loses his/her fob, you can simply deactivate it in the app and activate a new one. Hold the phone against the cylinders and the lost fob is now rendered useless, while the new one is introduced at the same time. A lost key no longer requires you to change the entire lock.
  • Create a flexible working environment by setting custom access times for employees.
  • The ENiQ app gives you total control and insight of your entire ENiQ Security system
  • DOM ENiQ App Office People
    With layered security protocols, you can easily grant everyone access to communal areas.

Intuitive design

Our ENiQ app has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. An overview dashboard means you can view your entire system in one area. Here it will tell you anything from the amount of devices connected, the status of each device and even the battery levels. If you have different ENiQ products from our range, no problem. The app is fully compatible with our entire ENiQ range.

We have combined the programming capabilities from our desktop software, table reader and USB stick to make it convenient for you.  The ENiQ app provides you with all the essential features of our full software.


The DOM ENiQ App is compatible with android phones with an accessible NFC. Please click below to see which phone is compatible.
The phone is only used a terminal and the ENiQ app can still be used without a sim card via WiFi using the internet.

Compatibility list

Backup functionality

Have you lost your smartphone or obtained a new one? No problem! Simply create regular backups of the ENiQ app and transfer it directly to your new device.

The App in a nutshell

    No cables needed for most products. Plug & Play.
    An easy to install smartphone app that gives you full control.
    You are in full control of who has access to what areas, at what time and for what period.
    Users can access anything they need to in your building, but cannot enter rooms they should not be in. This feels safe, without feeling restricted in movement.

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