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Are you looking for a promising career opportunity after successfully completing your school qualifications? Every year, DOM educates young people in traineeship occupations. Choosing the right profession is an important and future-defining decision.

We offer you a comprehensive and qualified professional traineeship. Work in our trainee workshop and selective deployment in the various trainee departments systematically prepare you for dealing with modern technologies, and give you all the necessary professional expertise. In addition to vocational training, we above all put emphasize on intensive practical support from our experienced corporate trainers. Dedicated trainees can expect to receive subsequent employment.



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An internship in preparation for working life


Whether you are generally interested in an internship, or want to get to know our apprenticeships better, DOM offers you both possibilities. Depending on your personal inclination and career aspirations, we run internships in both business and industrial-technical areas. Maybe you will have the opportunity to get to know your future trainee department and trainer.


Simply send us your completed application and please specify your desired field of application and the date and duration of your internship. We will then go over your internship application together with the responsible department.


Please send your detailed application to:

Lyn Fish

Lyn Fish

Finance & Office Manager