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Secure your building or site using your smartphone

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Greater flexibility, less contact

Securing your building or site can be challenging, especially if you have a high volume of people requiring access.

It is a legal requirement that staff, contractors, tenants or visitors can gain easy and safe ingress and egress whenever required, without compromising the overall security of the premises. Who can access the different areas of a building or site? Is access dictated by time? What happens if a traditional key is lost? DOM Mobile Key can provide you with the answers.

Mobile Key software has now been added to the DOM ENiQ app, allowing building owners and facilities managers to control who and when someone can access their building. The software gives the administrator greater flexibility and control by providing the tools to manage their access control system in real time.

Benefits of Mobile Keys technology

Gain access using your Smartphone

Authorised users can access a room by simply presenting their Smartphone within the cylinder's NFC reading field.

Say goodbye to lost keys

A lost key is a potentially serious breach in the security of your building and can be time-consuming to manage. With Mobile Keys If a user's smartphone is lost, access can be revoked and changed to a new device instantly from the app.

Manage access rights in real-time

Managing physical tags or keys can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have to manage a huge volume of them, with mobile keys technology it's all in the past as key management can be done directly from your smartphone. Have to set up a new employee? Simply authorise them and send access rights to their smartphone. Is it an employee's last day? Revoke their access instantly from your smartphone.

Contactless access management

Mobile keys technology is a way of giving access to other people without ever having to physically transfer anything over in person. This is ideal for the inclusion of new employees or giving access to your managed apartment building. This also reduces touchpoints between people and objects limiting bacteria being spread by hand.

Gain greater system insights

Mobile Keys can be completely managed and analysed from the app, allowing the system administrator greater insights and control.

High-security end-to-end encryption

You can rest assured that your data is safe as all Mobile Keys saved and transferred to DOM Key are highly encrypted and data is stored locally.

Turning your smartphone into a keychain

The DOM Key app turns a user's smartphone into a key.

Access rights can be provided to an employee or tenant by simply sending a link to the person's phone number and can be revoked with immediate effect via the ENiQ app.

Once the relevant person has received their access rights, they are prompted to download a free separate app called DOM Key which users can operate to provide access.

The DOM ENiQ App and DOM Key are available for free on Android and iOS smartphones.

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DOM ENiQ app for administrators

The DOM ENiQ app is the dedicated interface for system administrators such as business owners and facilities managers and now includes Mobile Keys software.

DOM ENiQ App Management

Manage access in 3 steps

  1. Assign the users a key by saving their phone numbers and adding them to the DOM ENiQ app

  2. Use the DOM ENiQ app to set and save authorisation for each user

  3. The app will then send an SMS to the users, allowing them to download the free DOM Key app

DOM Key app for end-users

The DOM Key app is the dedicated interface on which users receive access rights to a building in the form of a Mobile Key.

DOM Keys App

Receive access and use in 3 steps

  1. Receive an SMS as a confirmation to download the DOM Key app
  2. Download the DOM Key app for free from the Play Store or App Store and register with your phone number
  3. Start locking and unlocking authorised doors from your smartphone

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Secure and control every access in your company

DOM ENiQ Product Situations

One app with many programming options

The ENiQ® app creates flexibility for users as it allows you to choose between different methods to create the access control system that best suits your organisation and your preferences.

The app offers two main programming methods: Data on Card and Data on Device
Data on Card - Access authorisation is kept inside your registered card or transponder
Data on Device - Access authorisation is saved inside the device's memory such as a Smartphone

No matter which programming method you choose, you'll have a range of options to access your locking devices; a smartphone with Mobile Key, transponders, cards and even mix these electronic media with traditional mechanical keys.

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