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Introduction to DOMConnect®

Take your existing integration software to the next level with DOMConnect®.

This digital integration to your software allows you to extend your current management system to secure doors, windows, and other access points like lockers and cabinets.

At DOM we work with a range of Software Integration Partners (see logos below) who operate across Europe and beyond, all of which can offer your software seamless integration with our access control hardware range.

DOMConnect® Software Integration Partners

Why use DOMConnect®?


DOMConnect® and its' hardware are suitable for doors, lockers, and cabinets made from all materials and door solutions such as PVC, metal, and wooden doors.


By integrating your system with DOMConnect®, you are working with a company with an active and progressive R&D department. You will work with a strong brand who offers technical service, after-sales support, and solid, high-quality security products.

Easy integration

DOMConnect® access control is configured to your software with a device called DOMBridge. We also have API documentation and a web-based API service, allowing you to integrate with different systems such as Data on Card (standardised by OSS), online, or offline programming.

Covers all methods

DOMConnect® is an inclusive platform, meaning that your customers can mix the use of all three programming methods (OSS/Data on Card, Online, and Offline) in their building.

How does DOMConnect® work?

DOM Bridge

As what the name shows, DOM Bridge is the bridge that connects DOM digital devices into your software. It takes the form of hardware which you integrate to your network cable.

One DOM Bridge supports up to 250 online and offline devices, as well as devices using UID, tag template, or OSS Data on Card as a programming method. There is no limit on how many DOM Bridge you can install. Through this application, integrators can access authorisations and perform specific commands to the locking devices such as setting timezones, schedules, permissions, and device behaviour (setting schedule for granted/denied access permissions).


Once you have connected DOMConnect® to your network, you will be taken to DOMPloy, the starting point to integrate DOMConnect® as an added service to your product. A side tool to help system integrators, DOMPloy shows a good demonstration of the API possibilities, as 95% of the features proposed in the DOMPloy use API.

This Windows tool offers you a clear overview of the status of DOMBridge devices and to perform specific tasks such as coupling, configuring devices, and displaying live events.


How to program DOMConnect®

Your customers can decide their programming method with DOMConnect® within your software.


When your customers choose to programme their access points through Online programming method, they allow their Ethernet connection to do the work for them. In the Online programming method, your integration software, connected to your customers' TCP/IP-network, communicates to your customers' DOM devices. All the essential data, such as white/blacklist, permissions, and passwords are kept within their digital devices. Whenever an update is necessary, they only need to go to their doors to perform them.


In the Offline programming method, your customers get to manage their doors from your integration software connected with the DOMConnect® smartphone app. With the Offline programming method, no wire is needed to install DOM cylinders and door handles to your customers' doors. Therefore, your customers can switch from mechanical to digital cylinders easily.

Data on Card/OSS

With Data on Card/OSS, your integration software will send every change of data to your customers' transponders. It is an excellent solution for companies with the need to perform frequent changes to access authorisations.

We are proud to mention that our Data on Card programming method has passed the standardisation test by OSS, an international organisation who sets the highest standard of protocols and components within the access control market.

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