Access Control: Digital locking that adapts with you

What is an access control system?

Access Control Systems are electronic devices used to manage entry to buildings or secure areas. They differ from virtual access control systems, which secure online spaces.

Managed from a central hub, usually via software or an app, these systems allow owners or managers to control access. Users gain entry through credentials such as cards, fobs, or mobile apps. These systems offer advantages over mechanical systems, especially for larger, more complex organisations.

Experience Digital Efficiency with DOM Access Control 

Access Security: Track access history

Track access history

Easily see who is in & out, and when. Monitor activity, gain real-time insights and exercise greater control over your security system.

Give flexible authorisation in real time

A choice of control options makes it easy to organise the security of each user and the system as a whole. Create multiple "digital keys" on demand and install new access hardware with ease. 

Access security: Give flexible authorisation in real time
Access security High end encryption

High end encryption

With our encryption technology it's virtually impossible for unwanted persons to breach your access security

Minimum risk

When a user loses their keys, the system can deactivate them directly. No need to change the locks – security is at the press of a button.

DOM Access Control  security

Define how you want to manage access within your security system

Access control management : ENiQ Software

ENiQ Software

With this live connection you can also integrate advanced alarm systems and complex security protocol.

Access control management on mobile app : ENiQ App

ENiQ App

This handy app is intended to program and manage your electronic access system from your smartphone.

Smart Access control on mobile app : DOM Tapkey

DOM Tapkey

The flexible, cloud-based app offering remote access management and open integration with other systems.

Compare electronic access systems for your business

ENiQ Software
ENiQ Software
ENiQ App
ENiQ App
DOM Tapkey
DOM Tapkey
ios, website & android
Number of Doors 100+ doors <100 doors <100 doors 
Number of users Up to 100,000 users  <500 users N/A, cloud-based
Multiple administrators
- Yes
Mobile keys and transponders Yes


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