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Access control is a way of controlling who can access a specific location and when. This could be a tenant, an employee, a contractor or a visitor, whether on foot or even driving a vehicle and can be used anywhere a security is needed. For example an office, an airport, a holiday let, a flat, a hotel, or a hospital.

Access control offers certain advantages over traditional systems such as improved efficiency, easier administration and detailed analytics.

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DOM Access Control Systems can be split into three categories:

ENiQ Security Ecosystem is an all-in-one tailor-made digital locking solution for your organisation. Secure your building and control everything online, offline, or through Data on Card technology.

Tapkey Family
 is a revolutionary way to lock and unlock the doors to your home or office. Simply place your Smartphone against one of our Tapkey-enabled smartlocks and you’re in!

DOMConnect is a digital integration that allows you to extend your current management software to secure doors and other access points like lockers and cabinets.

What is an access control system?

Access Control Systems consist of a series of electronic devices typically fitted to doors, gates and barriers that control who and when someone can access a building or secure environment.

Commonly referred to as physical access control to differentiate it from virtual access control as this prevents people from accessing virtual spaces such as a network or online database.

Systems are typically managed using a central control hub using either software or an app allowing a building owner or facilities manager complete control over who and when someone can access their premises. A user can then gain authorised access by using a physical credential in the form of a card or fob or a digital credential such as a mobile app.

Access Control systems feature many distinct advantages over traditional mechanical systems and are particularly useful as an organisation gets bigger and its needs become more complex.

Why use an Access Control System

At DOM we specialise in high-security mechanical key systems, this traditional approach is well suited to organisations of a small/medium size. As an organisation gets larger and more complex it may be more suited to access control. Some of the limitations of mechanical systems are as follows:

  • Keys can be difficult and time-consuming to manage
  • If a key is lost this compromises security (one or more locks may need to be replaced)
  • When a key is used, there is no log of who has gained access and when (audit trail)
  • A caretaker/facilities manager may need to carry many keys to gain access across a large premises

What credentials can be used to gain access?

A variety of credentials can be used to gain access to an access control system. The most common are access cards and fobs, stored safely by a relevant person, and then presented to a reader, these tell the system if the card being presented has the required credentials for that person to gain access.


Different types of credentials available are:

  • Something you have – such as an access card or badge or now with DOM Mobile Key your mobile phone
  • Something you know – for example a PIN or password
  • Something you are – biometric identifiers such as your fingerprint or iris

When specifying a system it's worth considering that specific instance and the most secure method which should be used, for example, if the building contains external doors it may require a higher security solution. It's also common for two credential types to be used at once. For example, an access card or fob to gain entry from the outside then a fingerprint or pin to enter through a turnstile.

Software Integration

In a large organisation often existing systems may already be in place. For example, a hotel may already use a pre-existing customer management /check-in system. DOM Connect allows software partners to link DOM access control products with a project's existing system. This not only streamlines the system making it more efficient but also increases security as access rights can be controlled from one central location.

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