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Lost your keys? Don't panic

Stressed and anxious about the loss of your keys? Looking for an immediate solution? Don't panic! We can help.

Should I change my locks...

We understand that losing a key can undoubtedly make you feel unsafe and insecure. Was it stolen? Does someone else have access to my home? Can they open my door when I am asleep? If you find your asking yourself these questions, then it's time to change the locks.

The DOM ix TwinStar will ensure you can sleep easy, with the peace of mind that your house is well protected. It’s patent protected double roller technology makes key copying impossible so no-one can or will have the same key. Our 2in1 technology also means that should you lose a key in the future, simply take your spare key, insert it into the lock and thanks to some DOM magic, will render your lost key(s) useless. The old keys will no longer open your home.

or just replace my key?

If you are 100% sure your lost key can't fall into the hands of someone else, or you have broken the key, then we can reproduce your keys quickly and securely. Our appointed DOM-Titan retailers all over Slovenia and Southern Europe can fulfil your requirement effectively. You can order your keys with your unique ownership card by making a quick phone call to your local reseller, and have your replacement key within 24 hours!

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