Zarja Kindergarten from the back

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A well-thought-out system

The Zarja Kindergarten is an energy-saving private kindergarten with 10 playrooms, which can accommodate about 180 children. In addition to the playrooms, the kindergarten has its own gym, a kitchen, a laundry room and administration rooms. So many doors require a well-thought-out locking plan, which is why the headmistress decided to wait a year before ordering the system. During this time, they carefully made a list of all doors and established a locking hierarchy: they identified the security needs and user groups (e.g. educators, director, staff, cooks, janitors, administrative staff, etc.). The reserve was also taken into account from the outset in the calculation of the safety system, should the need arise in the future to expand the system with new cylinders.

Highest copy security

The kindergarten decided to use a K6 system with a conventional key and six pins in a protected TL profile. Six-pin cylinders offer more combinations than cylinders with fewer pins, whereby TL is a trademark protected profile, i.e. raw keys are not available in the trade, only DOM-TITAN as the original manufacturer can produce a copy. Unauthorized copies are not a worry for kindergarten employees. Another advantage is the durable nickel silver keys, which are resistant to all chemical, atmospheric or mechanical influences. The biggest advantage of the installed system in Zarja Kindergarten is its integrity: each employee can open all the rooms he or she needs only with a key specially designed for him. The system combines not only the entrances, cabinets and other doors, but also the side entrances in the fence and even the lift. Comprehensive security for the long term.

  • Glass door with TITAN cylinder
    Versatility - the locking system includes all doors in the building ...
  • Outside door with TITAN cylinder
    ... as well as all gates, even the elevator and fences.
  • Zarja Kindergarten
    The whole complex has a high degree of security thanks to the special key profile.




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