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Alpine fairy tale

In the heart of the Tuhinj Valley, in the middle of untouched forests on the edge of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps Valley, the locals found a spring of healing thermal water. The Snovik Thermal Spa is the highest spa resort in Slovenia and the only spa in the wider region of central Slovenia. The spa combines a swimming pool complex, apartments, rooms and a three-kilometer Kneipp barefoot path, for which the spa was also awarded. Snovik is always well visited and guests appreciate the serene, natural atmosphere and the healing power of the water, which has alleviated many illnesses. Above the swimming pools there are rooms for saunas, massages and physiotherapy.

Relaxed holiday

To describe Snovik in one word would be a break - a break from everyday stress and a revival of vitality with the help of the Kneipp method. Therefore, access control is an important part of the user experience, especially in the wellness centre. The smooth flow of therapies and massages is ensured by a locking system adapted to the needs of the spa. Each employee has his or her own key to enter his or her workplace. The privacy of users and respect for their tranquillity are not accidental.

The locking system enables our employees to save time because they no longer have to find different keys.

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Ivan Hribar, procurator of the Termal Spa Snovik

  • Thermal Spa Snovik
    Peacefulness - Snovik is located in the heart of nature
  • Swimming pools
    Snovik offers many different wellness services
  • Titan cylinder in wellness premises
    Privacy is ensured by a well thought locking system.




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