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Tomo Brejc primary school

An architectural pearl

Near the town centre, next to the main road leading to Kamnik, stands a proud building. The old façade, with its original massive double doors that can be reached by crossing the bridge, bears witness to the long history of one of the oldest Kamnik schools. Below the bridge is a beautifully landscaped park with green areas and benches that attract students in the morning and walkers in the afternoon. Tradition, endurance and reliability - the school celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2019. At first sight a venerable old building, but inside it hides a young soul.

A young soul

But the first glance is not deceptive, because in 2014 the building was almost completely demolished and rebuilt. At that time glass stairs were added to the sides and the building got a new glass roof. The interior is extremely light and airy. The corridors are spacious and decorated with children's products, the classrooms and teacher rooms are newly equipped, and each student has his or her own locker. A special atmosphere is also created by the bridges leading from the corridor to the classrooms, which underlines the size of the room and the feeling of openness. The friendliness of the stay and practicality were the architects' guiding principles in the planning.

Security and flexibility

In every school, the safety of children and staff is the most important guideline and the basis for successful teaching. With such a size: 600 children attend the school, and the new school gym opens the doors not only for sports lessons but also for different activities of the local community (sports clubs and other organizations, various events are held here every afternoon), the security locking system is correspondingly complex. The hierarchy of the organization is broad: there are teachers who unlock their classrooms and teacher rooks with a key, janitors and cleaners who need access to more rooms, as well as the headmistress and other administrative staff. In total, the school needed about 40 different system keys to cover all its locking needs. The Titan K1 system, which offers additional profiles in addition to the main profile, has proven to be the ideal solution. Key copying is limited and controlled, and the cylinders have additional drilling and anti-bumping protection. A durable and attractive product for the next 80 years.

  • Main door being unlocked
    Elegance - the cylidner blends with the environment
  • Classroom door
    Many doors - but few keys
  • Door
    With a wide range of dimenstions the K1 cylinder is suitable for all doors.




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