Disturbances in the production process due to Force Majeure

9 August 2023

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On Friday and Saturday, Slovenia was hit by catastrophic floods. Unfortunately, the municipality of Kamnik is also among the most severely affected. In our area, a monthly amount of rain fell in one night, and as a result, the streams turned into torrents and the Kamniška Bistrica River overflowed its banks, unfortunately also in the DOM-Titan factory. Many bridges are damaged, and infrastructure, especially roads and water supply, is destroyed.

At the DOM-Titan company, we managed to disconnect important machines before the flood and secure some vital parts of the company, but the water still flooded the cylinder production, tool department, the Titan Service Center, and the raw material warehouse.

As soon as the water receded, we started to rehabilitate and repair the damage. The biggest problem is in the storage of raw materials, as we inspect all materials and semi-finished products. Now, it is still impossible to accurately assess which materials for production will be unsuitable for use. It is also difficult to estimate how affected our suppliers are and when they will be able to provide us with the missing raw materials. We expect to start production gradually as soon as conditions allow us.

The extent and amount of damage to the company's assets and the functionality of the production process will only be assessed in detail in the coming days, which will affect the delay of the already promised and confirmed delivery dates to customers for given orders, as well as the delivery dates for new orders.

We cannot confirm the exact new delivery dates now, as the consequences of the floods at the DOM-Titan production location are still being resolved. We will try to eliminate the consequences of the Force Majeure that we are witnessing in the shortest possible time and restore the normal production process.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Thank you for your expressions of support and understanding!