T200 key in cylinder

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Don't be trapped on the wrong side

Do not be trapped on the wrong side

A moment of inattention. Your family member comes home, unlocks the door, locks them back from the inside but leaves the key in the lock. Now you cannot enter, despite having the key in your hand.

Standard cylinders can only accept a key from one side. The locking or unlocking from both sides at the same time is not possible. The N+G function however, enables the two plugs to operate independently on the same locking cam. Therefore, the cylinder can be unlocked from any side with the second key, even if a key has been left in the cylinder in any position on the opposite side.

All Titan and DOM cylinders with a minimum dimension of 27,5 mm from the cylinder face to the centreline of the cam have the possibility on N+G function. It can also be integrated in Master Key Systems.

Do not get trapped on the wrong side of the door!

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