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Renovation of business premises

Modern building - modern locking system

"We are a family business and have renovated our business premises with much thought. Functionality is the key in our business, and my wife has an eye for detail and style. The results are wonderful, our new rooms are comfortable and usable, and they look beautiful, "says the husband enthusiastically:" We also wanted to update the locking system; we were looking for a modern solution, a digital cylinder that can be opened without the key. "

Reliable technology and elegance

The family business is satisfied with the purchase of the ENiQ digital cylinder, the elegant installation, the easy programming of transponders (tags that open the door) and the user-friendliness. The wife says: "I just tap the tag to the door and the digital button is activated; I can open the door. At first, I was very sceptical because we are used to mechanical cylinders, I was not convinced of the functionality of the new locking concept. However, DOM -TITAN told me that digital cylinders are completely secure and reliable, the battery is very durable, the system is tested and double encrypted. The elegant design of the cylinder convinced me immediately, especially the black version, which fits perfectly into the door. "

A secure future

Digital locking systems for a small family business have several advantages. The first is the flexibility in programming: in case of a lost tag, all programmed tags can be reset and reprogrammed. You can be sure that the lost tag is no longer active. Digital cylinders and tags have unlimited expansion possibilities - they can always accommodate multiple cylinders and users in their system, and when upgrading to a computerized management system, access permissions can be fully customized based on room, time and date.

The connection between mechanical and electronic

The decision in favour of the digital cylinder was even easier for our couple because of the compatibility of the mechanical and electronic locking system. There is another door in the premises which is locked with a DOM DAS (mechanical) cylinder - thanks to the DOM Clip Tag technology they did not have to replace this cylinder. They could simply clip together an existing key with a digital plastic head that unlocks the digital cylinder. Thanks to the DOM Clip Tag technology they can make one key out of two and simultaneously use tow locking systems at the same time.

  • Hand with ENiQ tag
    The door is no longer opened by a key
  • ENiQ in door
    The black ENiQ blends with the door
  • ENiQ in door
    Digital cylinder for a peaceful night


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