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How to secure our home?

A young couple talks about their new home: "Finally our new house was ready for moving in: so much worry, cost and effort had been put into the construction! Naturally, new concerns arose with the move. How can we make our home safe? We knew that it was advisable to replace the cylinder that was installed in the door at the factory." The husband continued: "Since we are not experts in this field, we went to the DOM-TITAN shop to get advice from experts. What we appreciate at DOM-TITAN is the fact that they offer a Slovenian product and that they give us excellent support, they have helped us with instructions on how to measure the length of the cylinder correctly. We were very happy that the cylinder was produced immediately. At DOM-TITAN we knew that we had a reliable manufacturer of security solutions with authorized representatives throughout Slovenia, so we never go unsupported. "

Safety in colours

The couple finally decided to purchase a Titan K55 cylinder, which has a modern reversible key and protection against drilling and bumping. In addition to the quality product, they are also pleased with the keys, which have an ergonomically shaped plastic head and are available in seven attractive colors - each of them chose a color to suit their taste.


In addition to the keys, they bought Chipolo for a completely restful sleep - a chip that they connected to their smartphone and added to the key ring. In this way you can always find the lost key with the help of geolocation. Safe, modern and stylish.

  • K55 green key
    Colours for all tastes
  • Hand unlocking door
    Key that fits in the hand
  • Dog
    For additional security ...


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