i6 cylinder

TITAN i6 family

Safety at an arm's length

i6 - safety at an arm's reach

I6 cylinder is the youngest member of the Titan family. Although it appears at first sight that this is another simple five-pin cylinder, the looks are deceiving. Inside the shorter body there are 6 pins, giving the i6 cylinder higher security and more possible combinations. 

The key has an ergonomic metal head but we are preparing an innovation - a plastic head available in multiple colours.   

I6 cylinder has SKG certificate.

The i6 cylinder is ideal for use in residental houses and new homes. Its long key enables the cylinder to be used wtih all door types and with all eschutcheons. Avaliable as a single coded cylinder as well as with keyed alike option, where several cylinders can be unlocked by the same key. 


  • Reversable key system
  • 6 locking pins
  • Security card
  • Long key

Additional options

  • N+G function
  • ASC function
  • Keyed-alike locking
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