Father and son - DOM ix Teco

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DOM ix Teco®

DOM ix Teco® - Stamped for security

The new reversible locking system DOM ix Teco® is especially well protected against unauthorised copying by an innovative stamped recess in the key, a technique for which a patent is pending. A special high-deep milling (HT) technique used in the horizontal basic profile enhances security during profile checks and is difficult to copy.

With the innovative and sophisticated design you are purchasing a locking system with an efficient key copy protection which is predestined for use in locking system but also for single locks.

DOM ix Teco

Exceptional talent in technical perfection

    The DOM system ix Teco® has an innovative stamped recess for which
    a patent is pending, as well as a patented high-deep milling in the key.
    The system thus offers a high technical key copy protection and high manipulation protection against opening techniques.

    The optional modular technology offers flexible adaptation of the
    locking cylinder length at any time on site (e.g. due to moving or the
    use of new doors). In addition, the hardened steel web provides
    enhanced protection from violent "breaking off" and "pulling" of the
    locking cylinder.
    The reversible key made of high-grade nickel silver offers a high degree of operating convenience and its key blade length is matched to the most common security fittings.

    The ix Teco® system was developed for use in hierarchically organised buildings in medium-sized industry with high security requirements. We offer numerous different locking cylinder variants for almost every door situation. In addition, the DOM ix Teco® system can also be used as an individual lock with several keyed-alike locking cylinders. This means you can open all doors with just one key. Such as e.g. your front door, cellar door, letter box, garden gate or garage door.

Security feels good - DOM ix Teco®