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Manage your digital locking systems with your smartphone

In full control with the DOM ENiQ® App

With the new ENiQ® App you can mange your digital locking cylinders, fittings, wall readers and persons on your smartphone simply and intuitively.

In a matter of moments you can allocate access authorizations with individual time restictions to persons and assign a transponder to them and furnish your DOM locking devices with the latest access authorizations.

The ENiQ® App is an offline application whereby all of the authorizations created in the App will be programmed into the DOM devices via NFC interface. The transponders will be read in once via the NFC interface of the smartphone and assigned to the corresponding person in the App.


  • EASY
    Easy installation: simply download the app
    and you’re ready to go.

    ENiQ® evolves with you: start with the app and move to the ENiQ® Access Management software at any time.
    Always have quick access to all system devices and access events.

    In a matter of moments you can allocate individual access rights to persons and furnish you locking devices  with the latest access authorizations.
    Save time thanks to the clear presentation and easy handling.

    Simply make a regular backup on your smartphone and transfer it to your PC. So your data is always available when you lose your smartphone or switch to a new one.

No software installation on your PC necessary

  •  Just download the App from Google PlayStore

  • Synchronize your smartphone with the DOM device

  • Read in transponder once and assign to the
    corresponding person in the App

What can I do with the ENiQ® App ?

  • Simple overview of all system components
  • Clear presentations of all To Do's
  • Display of all access events with filter function by devices, persons, transponders and time
  • Display of current device data, such as battery status and firmware version
  • Search, filter and sorting functions for a better overview and faster finding of system elements
  • Assignment of persons by areas, departments or functions
  • Opening devices with the smartphone possible

     Time Management:
  • Assign temporal validity of access to persons
  • Convenient and uncomplicated creation of weekly plans for recurring access authorizations, up to 20 different weekly plans can be created
  • Up to 4 time intervals per day, 7 days per week

And security?

  • Due to a very high level of data and communication encryption as well as clean development processes and documentation the DOM ENiQ® App is the first VdS 2 star certified App for electronic locking systems

  • You can of course protect your ENiQ® App with a password

  • Secure your data with a regular back-up on your smartphone and transfer the data to your PC

  • Secure storage of your password in the app


The DOM ENiQ App is compatible with android phones with an NFC interface. We have tested a wide range of smartphones but also smartphones with NFC that are not listed should be compatible.

           List of tested smartphones

  Some technical details

  • The ENiQ® App can run on Android smartphones from version 5.0 with NFC interface.

  • The ENiQ® App is available from the Google Play Store and can be found by holding the master card in front of the NFC interface of the smartphone or by entering the name "ENiQ® App" in Google Play Store.
  • The technology used for communication with the devices, as well as reading the transponders and the master card, is NFC (Near Field Communication).

  • You can manage up to 500 persons and transponders as well as 100 devices and safe up
    to 100,000 access events with the App.
  • Management of all DOM ENiQ® transponders (Mifare) and Mifare foreign transponders possible (depending on your smartphone).

  • Use of DOM special transponders, such as permanently open transponers, permanently closed transponders and the service maintenance card as well as the battery replacement card (logging of the escape and rescue route maintenance) possible.

Future-proof with ENiQ®

You are using an ENiQ Easyflex System (card programming)? You can now upgrade to the DOM ENiQ® App including import of events and authorizations.

You are managing your locking devices already with the ENiQ® App but your company is growing so quickly that you would now like to use compehensive access control software? Then simply transfer your locking system from the ENiQ® App to your new ENiQ® AccessMangement Software.