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DOM ClipTag V 2.0

DOM ClipTag V 2.0 - One locking medium for two worlds

The new DOM ClipTag V 2.0 has a lot to offer. In a completely new design and equipped with the latest Mifare and 125 kHz transponder technologies, it combines theworld of conventional mechanical locking systems with that of highly innovative electronics. Simply open the DOM ClipTag with integrated tranponder and insert the matching mechanical DOM key, and you have two locking media in one unit. This saves space on the key ring and can also be individualised in a colour of choice. It couldn’t be easier.

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 Advantages - DOM ClipTag V 2.0

  • Mechanical key and electric transponder perfectly merged
  • All conventional systems in the RS series and all reversible
    key systems in the ix series can be integrated or retrofitted
    to the new DOM ClipTag.
  • In this way, a single locking medium can be used for both
    worlds - mechanical and electronic - thereby reducing the
    bulk of the key ring.
  • Including 6 coloured clips for perfect customising of your key
  • The new ClipTag V 2.0 is available in the following technologies:
             1)   Mifare Desfire EV2  
             2)   Mifare Classic  
             3)   Hitag S, Hitag 1, Hitag 2  
             4)   EM4200

Application examples

ClipTag with ACM        ClipTag with ENiQ Pro

ClipTag with Guardian        ClipTag with mechanical cylinder
With the new DOM ClipTag - one day in your company.

Your employees use the DOM ClipTag transponder to open the turnstile to the company grounds and also log into the time recording system at the same time. The main building and the security-relevant departments are also secured with electronic lock cylinders and fittings, and only open to employees that are authorised by their ClipTags. The key for those areas that are secured with mechanical locks is integrated into the ClipTag. They ‘punch out’ again electronically when they leave the company grounds at the end of the working day. The hybrid solutions of DOM ClipTags, mechanical locking systems and electronic access control systems allow you and your workforce to open all doors, which you are authorised to open, with just one key on your key ring.