COVID-19 update: DOM-TITAN retail opens again

DOM-Titan retail service centre is open again. We need to adapt our work to the new situation, which is why we ask you to follow these instructions.

  • It is permitted for one customer to be in the store at a time. Other customers should wait outside for their turn and respect the safety distance of at least 1,5 m.
  • The service centre is available for risk groups, namely the handicapped, expecting mothers and people over 65 between 8:00 and 9:30. People over 65 can enter the store only in this period.
  • Service centre is open from 9:30 to 15:30 for all other customers and for companies. Only healthy persons can enter the service centre.
  • We ask you not to enter the store if you have any symptoms.
  • Before entering the store, it is obligatory to wear the protective mask or other form of protection that covers the nose and mouth such as a scarf.
  • It is obligatory to disinfect your hands before entering the store.
  • All telephone orders will be sent by mail.