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DOM Titan offers its customers innovative, high-quality products and security technology services. As a medium-sized company, we combine intelligent technologies and specialised staff know-how.

 Expertise and our employees high levels of commitment form the basis for our positive company spirit. Only in this way can we satisfy the high quality demands of our customers at any time. This is our professed company goal - now and in the future. We offer interesting opportunities for both careers entrants and experienced experts and managers. A variety of fields of application and exciting tasks await you.

Warehouse worker

Job description:

  • receipt of goods,
  • storing and issuing of material/products,
  • preparing the matetials/products to be shipped to production/customer,
  • preparing warehouse and work documentation,
  • supervision of shipment preparation,
  • supervision the proper stacking of goods.
Required education: minimum two-year short-term vocational or secondary education.

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Tools setter

Job description:
  • receiving the tools in the warehouse,
  • setting the tools during the procedire according to the requiremet specified int he technological documentation,
  • monitoring the ware-and-tear of the tools and changing them when needed,
  • setting the tools and devices, fixing beak-down of machines, tools and devices.
Required educations: minimum two-and-a-half-year short-term vocational education or three-year secondary vocational education.

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Cylinder assembly worker

Job description:
  • serving the machine or device,
  • assembly and packaging of locks,
  • monitoring the process,
  • sorting products,
  • assembly of semi-products and sub-assembled items,
  • assessing the product of an operation,
  • eliminating faulty products,
  • keeping required records.

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