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Whether you are planning a new building or a retrofit of an existing premises, our experts will listen to your needs and then provide the advice you need to make the right fact-based decisions. Together with our professional dealer network, your chosen solutions and products will be delivered and when necessary installed by our partners.

We deliver a wide range of technologies such as mechanical keys and locking cylinders, as well as many advanced and patented certified master key system locks, door-closers and more. This means that professional building owners can now upgrade their buildings quickly and easily by exchanging their old mechanical locking system for wireless digital cylinder locks, for example. Via a desktop PC or card-reader, your facility manager provides access authorisations on a card or key fob, so people can easily access doors, garages, lockers, IT racks and more, with just one device. Optionally, a radio frequency connection makes it possible to have live communication with the digital cylinder or door-handle providing door status and access events directly on your facility manager's desktop PC or tablet.

As the Bank, we pay special attention to safety. We needed the General Key System, which will be the best way to secure our headquarter as well as hundreds of our branches throughout Poland. We decided to equip the headquarter in DOM ix5DAS. The next step was our branches, which we equip with a newer version - the DOM ix6SR system, which gives us additional protection - a moving disk in the key.

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Grand Master Key System

Within large organisations, clear and well defined structures are essential. On the top level of the system, head of departments and managers may require unrestricted access to large areas of the building. On the middle levels, management and small teams require access to only their certain areas. On the bottom level employees will need access to their particular office or working area.

As an example there are generally three levels that exist within a typical GMK:

Level 1 - The Grand Master Key (GMK) unlocks all cylinders on all sites.
Level 2 - The Master Key(s) (MK) will unlock all cylinders within a specific building on the site.
Level 3 - The Sub-Master Key(s) (SMK) unlock specific departments or areas within one of the buildings.

Each cylinder will then also have its own differ key which will be used by the person who works in that particular room or office.

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