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The new family of the striking plates

No matter what type of lock is in your door. Standard, bolt or multi-point one. The basis for the smooth and long-term operation of the door is the ability to adjust all locking points. With the family of our new striking plates, cast from zinc and aluminum alloy, now you can adjust every locking element

Striking plates in the door frame

Striking plates with the top or side radius? It does not matter - which types you use. We have option for both types of holes. You do not have to change anything in your production process anymore ..



Do you have a new door, everything works smoothly? Cool! Unfortunately, the door operates all the time and it may cause some problems. With our adjustable striking plates, you can prevent most of the imperfections and you can correct them in time

To adjust all the locking points

Do you want to avoid "snapping" a locked door when you try to open it? With a standard striking plate for the central lock, which only regulates the latch , unfortunately it will be impossible. If the door is fitted with our solution with adjustment possibility of both - a bolt and a latch, you can easily get rid of this annoying phenomenon.

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