How can I place an order

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How can I order DOM products?

It feels good to be part of a professional network. At DOM you benefit from a solid structure with well-founded know-how, a team of experts and a broad product range. Convince yourself of our service quality.

Ordering options

(Almost) All roads lead to DOM. You can order via fax, e-mail or by post. Of course you can also order our products online. Use the DOM eNET, our order portal for DOM retail partners.


After registering with your customer number, you can quickly and easily place an order, view the delivery status of your orders, and view and download our price lists. On the home page you will learn everything about new products, marketing campaigns and training offers.

Our on-site field staff and our customer management team are at your disposal and can provide you with additional information and advice to help you order DOM products. Do not hesitate to use this service.