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28 July 2022

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Family of 4 is walking over the beach


How do you secure your home when you go on vacation?

Wherever you're staying this summer, make sure uninvited guests can't gain access to your home.


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Did you know?

Research by the National Burglary Prevention Foundation has shown that 1 in 7 adults regularly forget to lock the door before leaving.

A quarter of the respondents even have no idea why the door should be locked. People think that when the door is closed, it is not easy to open. The opposite is true!

A burglar needs less than a minute (!) to enter a house through a door that is not locked. Simply by prying a piece of plastic between the door and the doorpost. In this way he pushes the latch back into the lock et voilà, your valuables are in danger.

The winners of the summer package action will be announced on Friday 12 August.

We wish you a happy and safe vacation! We remain available during the vacation period for more information regarding secure (smart) locking systems. Please feel free to contact us via:

T: 070 319 30 06